Banza joins the breakfast club with new protein waffles

Banza Homestyle Protein Waffles. Image courtesy Banza
Banza Homestyle Protein Waffles. Image courtesy Banza /

Banza is known for its pasta and pizza but the brand is making a jump into an entirely different arena.

The company is now in the breakfast game with the launch of its new protein waffles. I feel like there aren’t many options when it comes to protein waffles so Banza is carving out a name for itself once again.

Frozen waffles are already such a beloved breakfast item so seeing the company tackle breakfast is genius. Whether you’re new to the company or ready to mix up your usual breakfast fare, these new Banza Frozen Waffles are an incredible new addition to the already extensive lineup.

Currently, there are 3 flavor options and even links to be able to shop them online if you’re not planning to head out to the grocery store soon.

Banza introduces new Protein Waffles to its lineup for 2023.

Banza Homestyle Protein Waffles. Image courtesy Banza /

Let’s start with what you can expect from these new protein waffles as shared via a press release from Banza: “Banza Protein Waffles are made with chickpeas and offer 2.5x more protein, 3x more fiber, and 35% fewer net carbs than the leading waffle brand with the same fluffy, crispy texture that people love in traditional waffles.” Of course, everyone always loves that same taste and texture so that’s something waffle lovers are on the hunt for. Thankfully, Banza put any negative notions to rest.

As for the 3 flavor options, you can enjoy Homestyle, Blueberry, and Chocolate Chip. With those flavors, there are plenty of toppings and other items you can add to them. Whether you’re looking to add some fruit, honey, or even a bit of chocolate, it’s always nice to dress up your breakfast. These are also great for busy mornings or for taking on the go when you’re looking for something to fill you up.

Whether you’re a long-time lover of Banza or want to get more protein in your diet, you’ll have to be on the lookout for these protein waffles. They’re set to be rolling out at Whole Foods and online via Amazon and Banza’s website so those are some options for ordering. The number of items under Banza’s umbrella is impressive so adding breakfast to the agenda was a no-brainer.

Will you be trying out Banza’s new Protein Waffles? Let us know in the comments! 

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