3 discontinued Burger King menu items that should come back ASAP

CARDIFF, WALES - JULY 23: A close-up of a Burger King sign on July 23, 2023 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
CARDIFF, WALES - JULY 23: A close-up of a Burger King sign on July 23, 2023 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images) /

Within the fast food industry, certain menu items come and go; for some of those particular products, it may be because of lack of sales, while others are surely for marketing purposes. However it may be, there are definitely some menu items that get discontinued that make us super sad and wish upon a star that they’d come back. Burger King is no exception.

Some of their discontinued menu items are their most delicious creations ever, while some the fans are okay with saying goodbye to and truly letting go of. Let’s talk about the top three (if it’s even possible to only choose that many) menu items from Burger King that no longer exist (for now)!

Which discontinued menu items from Burger King have been your favorite?

In no particular order, here are Burger King’s top 3 discontinued menu items that we want back:

1. Crown-Shaped Nuggets

Last Seen: 2011

These first came out in 2006 and only lasted 5 years; sometimes in the fast food world, that means you’ve made it, but to this day, my boyfriend still talks about how BK used to serve Crown-Shaped Nuggs. While I personally never got the chance to experience them, I wish that I did!

Apparently, these tried to make a comeback roughly 2 years ago, but it evidently didn’t stick.

2. Cini-Minis

Last Seen: 2016

Who doesn’t love a good Cinnamon Roll, am I right? For a place that serves breakfast, there’s got to be at least one sweet option out there for those that just simply don’t do savory breakfasts (weirdos). These, if you can actually believe it, were first introduced back in 1998 (the year that I was born), but weren’t officially discontinued until 2016. I totally would’ve tried these alongside a nice hot cup of coffee.

Maybe next time…Bring them back, Burger King! Please?

3. Whopperito

Last Seen: 2016

This one is definitely the most interesting, yet weird one on this list. It’s exactly what you might be thinking that it is: A Whopper Burrito. At first, that might sound weird to some people, but to me, it sounds absolutely delicious. At home, I love putting just about anything inside of a tortilla to experiment with a bunch of different flavors, so this totally would’ve been up my alley had I been able to experience trying one of them!

As of now, BK’s got their version of a Mickey D’s Snackwrap, so maybe now’s there chance to bring this Whopperito back right along with it! Who’s with me?

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What do you make of all of this? Should these three discontinued menu items from Burger King get a more permanent spot on their menu? What’s your all-time favorite menu item from BK that no longer exists? Is it on this list, or is it something totally different? We can’t wait to talk all about it with you! And remember…enjoy and eat up responsibly!!