Stonyfield shares PAPArazzi giveaway to show moms love

#ProofofMom is trending & this yogurt brand is here to help moms who feel “unseen." Image Courtesy of YoBaby
#ProofofMom is trending & this yogurt brand is here to help moms who feel “unseen." Image Courtesy of YoBaby /

Stonyfield is making sure moms feel the love, too. When it comes to making memories, moms are usually the ones capturing them.

The brand is making sure moms are in the spotlight now with its new sweepstakes. Featuring the brand’s offerings for babies called Yobaby, it’s the perfect thing for your baby to try and hopefully, enjoy as a snack.

Of course, the brand did it better by sharing the entire giveaway on their website so I’m going to feature that below. Whether you’re a parent or not, there is no denying moms are the backbones of the family.

Thankfully, Stonyfield knows exactly how important moms and their relationship with their babies are so this new campaign is incredibly special.

Stonyfield puts moms in front of the camera with its new giveaway.

As shared via the website: “Dads and other parenting partners aren’t always known to be the best photographers when it comes to capturing mom with her kids and family. That’s why we created our new PAPArazzi Program, which helps parents beautifully document their families’ precious moments and firsts…with no one left behind the scenes.” As you can see, the brand knows just how important moms are.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do much to enter to win. All you have to do is enter all your info on the brand’s website for a chance to win and then send some candid photos. Frankly, that’s pretty simple as I’m sure most moms are already snapping pics. If you win, Stonyfield will send a professional photographer to your house to get mom in the picture with their babies and even, give the winners a year’s supply of YoBaby yogurt.

Regardless if you’re a mom or not, I’m sure you know a mom in your life who is deserving of this so make sure they enter until September 26th. If you’re a mom, all I can say is good luck because I’m sure a lot of moms are craving a break or wanting a chance to get themselves in the picture, too. Thankfully, Stonyfield knows the importance of moms and this new giveaway paints the ultimate picture.

Will you be entering Stonyfield’s new giveaway? Let us know in the comments! 

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