Introducing Mars’ latest innovation: SKITTLES Littles

SKITTLES Littles Resealable Tube. Image courtesy SKITTLES
SKITTLES Littles Resealable Tube. Image courtesy SKITTLES /

When a person is asked about their favorite candy, there is a high chance that their response is Skittles. Fans of the classic candy can now look forward to one more way of enjoying them. In a press release published on September 27, Mars announced that they are releasing SKITTLES Littles.

The latest innovation will still allow fans to enjoy the five iconic fruity flavors. However, SKITTLES Littles are even smaller than the original candy. This makes it a much easier treat to enjoy on-the-go.

SKITTLES Littles will be available in two sizes. You can either buy it as a Grab N Go pouch (7.2 oz) or as a resealable tube (1.9 oz). Select retailers will have the product this month. Nationwide availability will begin in 2024.

“Expanding our portfolio with SKITTLES Littles allows us to create even more pleasantly perplexing experiences and inspire moments of everyday happiness for fans,” said Ro Cheng, Marketing Director at Mars. “We can’t wait for our fans to experience this tiny treat and Taste the Rainbow in a whole new way.”

The history of Skittles and fun facts

SKITTLES Littles Grab N Go Pouch. Image courtesy SKITTLES
SKITTLES Littles Grab N Go Pouch. Image courtesy SKITTLES /

Skittles were first introduced in 1974 in Britain by a British company. It was not until 1979 that the candy was finally introduced to North America. Domestic production in the United States began in 1982.

As for the name itself, it is believed that the candy is named after a historical lawn game and target sport, also known as Skittles. This is due to the resemblance of the sweet to items used in the game.

To many, the slogan “Taste the Rainbow” is one that has a clear association with the candy. That slogan was the creation of New York ad agency D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles. This agency is also responsible for slogans such as “Melts in your mouth-not in your hands” for M&M’s and “We want to be your airline” for Trans World Airlines.

Now that you have learned about the latest Skittles product and the history behind the candy, it is time to give them a try. Be sure to be on the lookout for it at stores near you.

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