Snoop Dogg brings the flavor with Grubhub and Dr. Bombay Ice Cream

Iconic Food Enthusiast Snoop Dogg Reveals His Favorite Grubhub Delivery for Football Season. Image Courtesy of Grubhub.
Iconic Food Enthusiast Snoop Dogg Reveals His Favorite Grubhub Delivery for Football Season. Image Courtesy of Grubhub. /

There is no denying the appeal of Snoop Dogg and as foodies, you might not realize how big of a role he plays in the foodie world. The launch of his new ice cream flavor and a collaboration with Grubhub proves otherwise.

Let’s start with Grubhub and then move into his ice cream because it sounds bomb but Snoop is teaming up with the delivery service in an ad featuring a new jingle that is perfect for all the new football fans.

In addition to this new campaign, Grubhub is hosting a social media sweepstakes which is called “#DidSomebodySayGrubhubSweepstakes” which is running from September 28 until October 2nd. You’ll have a chance at winning a $500 gift card to order your and Snoop Dogg’s favorites.

Given that Snoop Dogg is an accomplished recipe writer, it’s clear he’s dealing with all the foodie frontiers. While his Grubhub campaign is something special, he’s always delving into some sweetness as shared via his quote from the campaign: We get burgers, fries and no matter the final score we don’t cheat ourselves, we treat ourselves to Dr. Bombay’s ice cream.”

Snoop Dogg adds some flavor to the foodie world you might be craving.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg Drops a New Ice Cream Flava For His Birthday! Image Courtesy of Dr. Bombay Ice Cream. /

Thankfully, you can even use Grubhub to grab some of Dr. Bombay’s Ice Cream if it’s near you. In addition, you can try out the brand’s newest flavor which is dropping on October 2nd. “Birthday Party” features yellow cake ice cream along with sprinkles, crushed pretzels, and chocolate frosting swirls. This is only out for a limited time this October, though.

Since the brand’s launch in July, they’ve introduced 7 flavors which include “Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream,” “Bonus Track Brownie,” “Syrupy Waffle Sundaze,” “S’more Vibes,” “Iced Out Orange Cream,” “Rollin’ in the Dough” and lastly, a sherbet: “Tropical Sherbet Swizzle.” Of course, you can try any of these before October 2nd if you can’t wait.

In addition to Grubhub, you can find the above flavors aside from the Birthday Party ice cream at Walmart. Since Birthday Party is a limited-edition item, it’s only available at select Walmart locations. No matter how you decide to enjoy this, Dr. Bombay’s Ice Cream is the ultimate comfort food as you head into fall.

There is just no denying the impact Snoop Dogg has had on the foodie world. These two recent announcements are even further proof. We hope Snoop decides to branch out even more in the future!

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