Auntie Anne’s celebrates weddings and new pretzel nuggets

With the new seasons comes a plethora of ideas for weddings including inviting Auntie Anne’s to your wedding. While it might seem like an odd thing, the brand appreciates it.

Since it’s a TikTok trend, it’s already been done by hundreds of couples and some might have a special Auntie make an appearance. In particular, couples were enjoying some delicious pretzels and dips at their wedding.

While the brand can’t surprise everyone, they will be surprising some lucky couples. If you’re getting married, make sure to send an invite to the beloved pretzel brand. For anyone who is currently married, single, or even just dating, Auntie Anne’s has something for you.

If you’re looking for a treat to make your fall days just a bit sweeter, then the launch of the company’s new Confetti Pretzel Nuggets might be more your speed.

Auntie Anne’s handles it all with its new celebratory item!

Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne’s Accepting Wedding Invites after Viral TikToks. Image Courtesy of Auntie Anne’s

When one thinks of Auntie Anne’s, one usually thinks of salty treats such as the iconic soft pretzel, pretzel nuggets, or even, a pretzel dog. Regardless of where your mind goes first, the brand does have a sweet option in its drink, cinnamon sugar pretzels, and now, the Confetti Pretzel Nuggets.

No one can tell you about this new delight better than Auntie Anne’s: “Freshly baked with a warm butter cookie crumble and rainbow sprinkles and deliciously dusted with sugar crystals, Confetti Pretzel Nuggets serve as the perfect way for fans to celebrate all of life’s special moments, big and small, with family and friends.” Even if you’re just grabbing these as a snack, you’re sure to smile while eating them.

As for celebrating, no one can police what you’re celebrating. You could be celebrating your wedding, a graduation, a promotion, or even, just doing something simple. Regardless, these new sweet little nuggets from Auntie Anne’s should be on your list to try this fall. I know they’re definitely on mine!