Jimmy John’s adds new Boy Math bundle for 2023

Jimmy John’s Launches BOY MATH Catering Bundle. Image Courtesy of Jimmy John's.
Jimmy John’s Launches BOY MATH Catering Bundle. Image Courtesy of Jimmy John's. /

Jimmy John’s has a bit of something for everyone and the brand is making it easier for those practicing Boy Math.

While Girl Math has been trending for a while, Boy Math eventually followed. As we know, it’s a way to explain spending money without spending money or something that makes absolutely no sense.

Regardless, Jimmy John’s is making the most of this unique trend and making sure the guys get in on the fun. Don’t worry ladies, we can also grab this new Boy Math Catering Bundle but it might take us a few days to work through it.

As for the guys out there, this Boy Math Catering Bundle is the ultimate buy for those either looking to enjoy for a few days or those spending time with friends but don’t want to or feel like cooking.

Jimmy John’s introduces the new Boy Math Catering Bundle!

Thankfully, those who are practicing Boy Math can order the bundle either online or from Jimmy John’s app. Of course, the tagline sums it up best: “Jimmy John’s new BOY MATH Catering Bundles make throwing a party so easy, that it makes absolutely no sense. Made for the guys that want to have their friends over but only have one pot and pan.”

I’m sure we all know guys like that but what’s important is what comes in the bundle because there’s a lot to choose from at Jimmy John’s. As shared via the brand, these bundles come in two sizes: small and large. Both options include made-to-order and fresh sandwiches, chips, and premium sides including Jimmy John’s very own chips, and each bundle is finished off with some of Jimmy John’s famous cookies or chocolate fudge brownies.

Whether you’re inviting a few people over to watch the game or want to split the cost, this is a great idea. Plus it just makes sense for those who want something but don’t want to put in as much effort. As a practitioner of Girl Math, I can confidently say this is a great deal. As I mentioned, I’ve recently tried Jimmy John’s for the first time and it was delicious so I can highly endorse this one.

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