Halloween Cookie Challenge takes on Possessed Treats and Bags in episode 3

Hosts Duff Goldman and Rosanna Pansino, portrait, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Hosts Duff Goldman and Rosanna Pansino, portrait, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

When it comes to the challenges on the Halloween Cookie Challenge, it is clear that someone has an imagination when they are thinking up ideas for the bakers. And in episode 3 of the second season, the decorating challenge is a clear reminder of just how creative things can be on the Food Network.

For their first challenge of the episode, four cookie bakers need to make Possessed Treat Cookies that represent the candy we get for Halloween, but as if they were planning to eat us! The bakers have to make two possessed treat cookies each, but they need to make them with a single dough flavor.

Halloween Cookie Challenge takes on Possessed Treat Bags and Possessed Candy

So who are the round one bakers and what are they making?

We have Victor Carlesi making a dark chocolate cookie dough with a coconut icing on the cookie. His cookies will be a possessed candy corn and a possessed candy apple. Next is Cynthia Hermosillo who is making a spicy margarita cookie dough. Her designs include a mad chocolate bar and a horrifying candy corn.

Our third baker on the Halloween Cookie Challenge is Meredith Chiarelli who is making a maple pecan dough. For her candies she is designing possessed malt balls and a clown candy corn. Finally we have Justine Cabanilla, who is making cotton candy ghost cookies and a candy apple that is possessed by a monster. And her dough is a pumpkin spice latte.

It comes down to the final minute for at least one baker, and basically everyone seems to be struggling to get things finished at the end of the first round challenge. But there are some amazing designs being presented to Duff and Rosanna.

At the end of the tasting, one baker is heading home. And sadly the baker not moving on to the second round for a chance at $10,000 is Justine.

For our second round of the Halloween Cookie Challenge, the three remaining bakers need to make 3D, double sided Halloween Treat Bag displays! They must fill their display treat bags with candies that have been preselected as well.

The challenge itself requires the bakers to make a display that is six inches tall and gives us one side with a cute design and one with a spooky vibe. They must make two different flavored cookie doughs and they must also add cookies that are decorated to look like candy in their bags.

So what are our bakers making for this round?

Meredith is making a cinnamon chocolate cookie dough, as well as an orange poppy seed dough. She got the cinnamon candies for her bake.

Cynthia got the Peach Rings for her candy. And the cookie doughs that she is making are a soft cinnamon butter cookie or snickerdoodle (she added the peach rings to this dough) and a spicy Mexican chocolate cookie dough.

Finally we have Victor who got the sour lemon candies. For his cookie doughs he is making a sour lemon cookie and a pumpkin cookie.

While this was definitely a challenging round once again, all three bakers were able to get their cookie displays finished. As the judges walked around to look at the displays and taste the cookies, they offer up both good critiques and of course some criticisms. So who will end up winning the $10,000 prize?

In the end, the winner of this episode was Meredith!

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