Halloween Cookie Challenge gives us a bigger decorating challenge than ever before in episode 4

Hosts Duff Goldman and Rosanna Pansino, portrait, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Hosts Duff Goldman and Rosanna Pansino, portrait, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

We are already on episode 4 of the Halloween Cookie Challenge and for this week’s episode we start things with the biggest decorating challenge yet. And not only that, but we are also getting a structural challenge that is actually interactive!

For their first challenge, the cookies makers in this episode of the Halloween Cookie Challenge must make a “Cross-Section of a Haunted House” cookie. The cookie must be made with one dough and it has to be at least six inches. The design itself must showcase three floors of this haunted house.

After this challenge, one baker will be sent home. But what are these cookie makers whipping up in this first round?

Halloween Cookie Challenge gives us haunted houses and seance boards in episode 4

Up first we have Jensen Hensley, who is making a s’mores flavored cookie. Our second cookie maker is Lynette Ranaudo, who is making a double chocolate espresso cookie dough. The third baker is Myah Underwood, and for her cookie dough she is making a raspberry lemon cookie. Finally we have Anthony Lerma, who is baking up a pumpkin spice toffee cookie.

All of the bakers find themselves under the gun to get their designs done, as this is truly a big challenge for 90 minutes. And yet, there are some amazing designs coming together. It was down to the final seconds, but it really looks like everyone was able to finish their cookies.

The judging for the decorating challenge is definitely a bit rough for some bakers. Some cookie makers had issues with flavors coming through, while another baker got called out for their decoration not being quite clean enough. And one baker has a dry cookie.

With only three bakers moving on to the second round, who will get eliminated from the Halloween Cookie Challenge? Sadly, the person going home is Anthony.

For the second challenge, our three cookie makers will be making playable seance boards using two different doughs. The board must be at least 15 inches and they have to make the planchet (the pointer) as well. Each board should be unique and showcase the cookie makers’ decorating skills as well. The must also use booze as an ingredient, there are four to choose from and it is first come, first served for the booze flavors.

Myah is making a bacon sugar cookie with the apple brandy for one dough, while her second dough will be a peanut butter cup flavor. She is incorporating Hip-Hop culture into her design for her spirit board and her planchet will be a cassette tape.

Jensen will be using cinnamon whisky in her peanut butter cookie dough, while her second cookie is a snickerdoodle. And for her design, she is doing a crystal ball design.

Finally we have Lynette who grabbed the coffee rum. For her first cookie she is doing a coffee rum caramel dough, while dough two is an orange cranberry flavor. Her design is a traditional board with a text window and emojis. Her planchet is a bloodshot eyeball, since staring at our phones causes bloodshot eyes.

With such big cookies, it probably comes as no surprise that there are issues in the kitchen and some designs are just not working exactly as the bakers expected. And yet, these bakers are finding ways to pivot in order to deliver the seance boards that the judges want to see.

It’s a race to finish these designs. And yet, all three bakers get it done in the end.

Once again, there may have been issues, but clearly the judges are impressed with these designs and there are some great comments for flavors as well.

After some really big challenges, who will walk away with the $10,000 Halloween Cookie Challenge prize? In the end, the baker who won the fourth episode was Myah!

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