Rudi’s heads to the freezer with new Texas Toast Garlic Bread

First-Taste: Rudi's BFY Texas Toast (mid Oct. Launch @ Whole Foods.) Image Courtesy of Rudi's.
First-Taste: Rudi's BFY Texas Toast (mid Oct. Launch @ Whole Foods.) Image Courtesy of Rudi's. /

Being gluten-free isn’t easy and there are a lot of items you might miss including garlic bread. Thankfully, Rudi’s is here to make sure you miss out no longer.

Rudi’s Bakery is launching its brand new Rudi’s Texas Toast at Whole Foods with 4 delicious offerings. You can grab Garlic, Three-Cheese with Garlic, Gluten-Free Garlic, and Gluten-Free Three Cheese with Garlic.

These tasty offerings are made from Sourdough bread and include all clean ingredients. Considering that the brand’s head of innovation is Justin Gold, there’s no way this wasn’t going to be good and it features no artificial ingredients which are always something to be excited about.

Honestly, this is a huge move for Rudi’s and is just the start of some other products coming down the pipeline in 2024. Thankfully, we were also able to get a quote from Jane Miller, Rudi’s CEO, and try this tasty new product for ourselves.

Rudi’s heads to the frozen aisle with new Texas Toast Garlic Breads.

First-Taste: Rudi’s BFY Texas Toast (mid Oct. Launch @ Whole Foods.) Image Courtesy of Rudi’s. /

Before getting into our thoughts, I wanted to make sure you knew the price point for these. You can grab the Texas Toast with Garlic for $7.99 or the Texas Toast with Three Cheese and Garlic for $8.99. These are available online and in-store at Whole Foods.

I’d like to thank Rudi’s and MBooth for sending me a sample of these to try as I was honestly surprised. The box comes with 4 inside and they’re incredibly thick so they’ll pair great with some pasta or even as a snack. As someone who can eat gluten, I was a little nervous but I had two of these and enjoyed them. They were quick to pop into the toaster over and enjoy in just a few minutes.

While I mentioned pasta, I do think you could even make an open-faced sandwich with these, pair them with soup, or dress them up. I ended up eating one plain while I made the other into pizza bread. Both were tasty and incredibly filling so these will keep you full for hours.

If you don’t believe me though, then Jane Miller, the brand’s CEO shared an awesome quote with us: “Using our signature sourdough breads as the base, topped with delicious, clean-label butter, garlic and cheese, this presents an incredible opportunity for Rudi’s to provide consumers with delicious and nutritious options. And I promise you will love the first item available, our Gluten Free Garlic Texas Toast, even if you normally enjoy gluten-full bread!”

If that’s not a resounding endorsement, I don’t know what else is. If you’re gluten-free, I’d love to know if you plan on checking these out and what you’d pair them with.

Are you excited about Rudi’s launching its new Texas Toast Garlic Breads in the frozen aisle?

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