ALDI is rolling back prices to help Thanksgiving shoppers

ALDI Drops Prices Up to 50% on Thanksgiving Meal Essentials. Image Courtesy of ALDI.
ALDI Drops Prices Up to 50% on Thanksgiving Meal Essentials. Image Courtesy of ALDI. /

Thanksgiving is the holiday for giving thanks and enjoying some great food with the people you love. It’s also a worry for some which ALDI is taking into consideration.

The price of everything has gone up yet food seems to be something a lot of people are struggling to afford. It feels like there are no longer cheap options yet the grocery store is hoping to alleviate some of that.

ALDI announced that on November 1st, the chain would be slashing prices on some of the biggest and most popular items used for Thanksgiving dinners. Given that Thanksgiving is about food and family, you won’t have to pick and choose who to invite.

The brand is essentially giving you a way to afford everything for everyone you want to invite and hopefully, make sure everyone feels as thankful as you do that you’re saving money this year.

ALDI is slashing prices to help customers shop for Thanksgiving 2023.

ALDI Drops Prices Up to 50% on Thanksgiving Meal Essentials. Image Courtesy of ALDI. /

Even though these prices won’t take effect until November 1st, they’re going to be carried into the end of the year. Considering that Christmas and New Year’s aren’t far behind, it’s awesome to see ALDI giving back and allowing customers a chance to save some money where they can.

Let’s start with some sides that are being reduced including Stonemill Regular Gravy Mix which is priced normally at 0.59 cents and is being reduced to 0.29 cents, 12 ounces of fresh cranberries is going from $4.69 to $3.29. Last but not least, Chef’s Cupboard French Fried Onions will be down to $1.79 from $2.89.

If you’re looking to make a snack tray for a holiday party, you’ll be saving on Baking Brie as it goes from $7.49 to $5.19. If you want to pair your Brie with the Appleton Farms Proscuitto, it’ll be going from $3.69 to $2.49. To finish it off, you might want some Scalloped Crackers which are reduced from $1.99 to $1.29.

Moving onto the final and most important part of the holidays, we’re talking about dessert. ALDI knows what those bakers and dessert-makers are looking for when it comes to reducing items. The Stonemill Pure Vanilla is being knocked down to $3.49 from $5.89 while the Bake House Creations Refrigerated Pie Crust was originally $2.49 and is now down to $1.79.

Whether you’re handling dessert, the turkey, or are doing a bit of everything, hopefully, you decide to head to ALDI. Considering the fact that everyone is looking to save money, the grocery chain is a must for holiday shopping. Thankfully, there’s plenty of time to plan before Thanksgiving is here.

Will you be shopping at ALDI this holiday season? Let us know your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, Guilty Eaters!

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