Halloween Cookie Challenge goes to the funhouse on episode 5

Hosts Duff Goldman and Rosanna Pansino, portrait, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Hosts Duff Goldman and Rosanna Pansino, portrait, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

Halloween Cookie Challenge season 2 was back on the Food Network for episode 5 and this week, it was all about stained glass and funhouses. The bakers brought their A-game to make the spookiest cookies ever, and the judges brought their over-analytical critiques.

In the first challenge, the four bakers had to make stained-glassed cookies. The cookie had to show a Halloween scene, be six inches, and it must show off the stained-glass technique. This was such a fun challenge.

Chelsea created a stained glass image with a creepy eye coming out of a pumpkin. Karl made an incredibly cool werewolf scene that looked like it could have come out of a graphic novel. Christina made a ghost Halloween-inspired stained glass cookie and Vanessa created a bat and moon stained-glass cookie.

In my opinion, these all looked amazing, but the judges thought Karl didn’t use enough stained glass and Christina’s cookie was a bit messy. In the end, it was Christina who was sent home.

Halloween Cookie Challenge got creepy with funhouses this week

On to the final challenge! For this challenge, the final three bakers had to make creepy cookie funhouses. They had to have an overall theme, include at least three rooms, and the entrance had to be at least six inches tall with the whole house being 18 inches wide. This was not easy and let’s be real: Food Network did not give them anywhere near enough time to actually do this challenge well.

That said… the results were outstanding. Karl made a creepy fairy funhouse, Vanessa made a scary broken-down clown funhouse, and Chelsea made an evil hedgehog funhouse. Based on the fact that she made her house colorful, Chelsea’s funhouse was clearly the winner. Karl had some really interesting creatures on the outside of his house, but he forgot to include interior doors, and Vanessa’s entrance was incredibly cool, but she forgot to section off her rooms.’

And as you can probably guess, Chelsea was the one to win the $10,000 prize. She really thought out every aspect of her funhouse beforehand and it showed in the final result. It was gorgeous and fun.

Next week, a new set of bakers will have to make a cookie that shows three levels of a haunted house, and the remaining three bakers will have to create an edible spirit board.

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