Dunkables is the latest from Lunchables and it’s out now!

Lunchables Debuts New Dipping Snack Line: Dunkables. Image Courtesy of Lunchables.
Lunchables Debuts New Dipping Snack Line: Dunkables. Image Courtesy of Lunchables. /

Everyone loves a little treat and sometimes, you know exactly what you want. That’s why Lunchables is counting on it.

The beloved lunch brand is moving into an entirely new realm now. While they’re known for their fun lunch meals, the company recently introduced Dunkables.

This is all about snack varieties that you can dunk, dip, and enjoy. Currently, there are two flavors out right now. They’re playing into the sweet and savory trend so you’re able to enjoy one, the other, or both.

These two varieties are great for snacking, throwing in a lunchbox as something extra, or just enjoying after a hard day at work. Trust me, we know how it is when it comes to Lunchables.

See the two new products in the new Lunchables line: Dunkables.

If you’re looking for some savory snacks, you might want to grab the Mozza Sticks with Marinara and Breadcrumbs. These feature mozzarella cheese sticks and marinara sauce and are finished off with breadcrumbs. It’s essentially a cold version of a mozzarella stick which sounds so tasty. Plus it’s perfect for those who want a cold treat.

Then for those with a sweet tooth, Dunkables has its Pretzel Twists with PB Spread & Choco Chips. This is honey wheat pretzels along with creamy peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. I don’t know about you but both of those options sound so great and are going to be great for snacking and much more.

If you’re looking to grab some, Dunkables will be hitting store shelves this month with a retail price of $2.49. You can also order a case of them for $24.60 as it comes with a dozen in a case. I mean I feel like these could be great candidates for girl dinners and not just for kids.

That’s not all as Lunchables has plans to release a new flavor of Chicken Popper in 2024. It’s a lot to look forward to and gives you a chance to try some new things from the brand.

Will you be trying out these new Dunkables from Lunchables, Guilty Eaters?

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