Blue Moon brings the flavor with new Thanksgiving items

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where it’s all about the food and Blue Moon knows it. That’s why the brand is introducing something completely new to its lineup.

Of course, you can always crack open a cold one but if you’re looking for something to jazz up your typical turkey, then the beverage brand has something new for you. Now, Blue Moon has its very own Thanksgiving seasonings.

While these seasonings are something to get excited about, you’ll need to make sure you grab them if you want them. These Thanksgiving Seasonings will only be around for a limited time.

No matter if you’re stuffing the turkey, are handling dessert, or are just bringing the hostess gift, you can’t go wrong in trying this new product from the beloved beer.

Get turkey ready with new Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings and pies!

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Brightens Your Holiday Table With Seasonings Inspired By Their Iconic Beer. Image Courtesy of Blue Moon.

Thankfully, the beverage brand knows you want to bring the flavor this year. That’s why the two seasonings are coming in a two-pack to enjoy. First is the more savory option which is the Blue Moon Zesty Seasoning. As shared via the brand: “Flavor inspired by Blue Moon, adding savory notes of coriander, zesty bursts of citrus saltiness, and a subtle hint of hops, perfect for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more.” Whether you’re looking to add this to your protein of choice or not, this one is bound to be a unique flavor.

The other seasoning is for those with a sweet tooth and that’s Blue Moon Pie Pint Seasoning. The brand also gave us a look at what’s going on with this one: “Flavor captures the sweetest notes of Blue Moon, with bursting hints of orange citrus and coriander, it’s the perfect seasoning to add to your Pie Pint or to create your own Blue Moon-inspired pie filling.” These are excellent for those wanting to add some pizzazz to their usual Thanksgiving pie.

If that’s not enough, the brand is also bringing back its Pie Pints. The beverage company is teaming up with Tiny Pies which is located in Austin and these flavors sound delicious. If you’re craving pie this Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to grab a 4-pack with some incredible flavors including Zesty Pumpkin Spice Pie, Tangy Citrus Apple Twist Pie, Chocolate Citrus Haze Pie, and Key Lime Coconut Crumble Pie.

Let’s be honest: Blue Moon knows what’s up this Thanksgiving. Even if we can’t afford a turkey, we still crack open a cold one with family or to celebrate Friendsgiving. The seasonings are priced at $11.26 while the pie pints are priced at $27.30. All in all, the price doesn’t seem that bad so hopefully you’ll decide to grab one or both for your festivities this year.