Exclusive mashed potatoes recipe from Lay’s and Matt James

If you ask me, mashed potatoes are the best part of any Friendsgiving dinner and our friends at Lay’s have partnered with reality TV star Matt James to showcase an interesting way to make this classic side dish.

The idea of making mashed potatoes out of potato chips may have started from one of several viral TikTok videos seen across the platform. These videos were popular enough to catch the attention of the folks at Lay’s who decided to partner with a celebrity chef to add their own twist on the viral idea.

Here is how to turn Lay’s potato chips into mashed potatoes

Friendsgiving Potato Dish from Lay’s and Matt James. Photo courtesy Lay’s

If you are wondering how to transform a bag of crispy potato chips into creamy mashed potatoes the recipe can be found on the Lay’s Instagram page.

You might be surprised to see that these mashed potatoes have some extra flavor and texture you may not find in the traditional version. The recipe from Matt James includes the flavor of Old Bay seasoning and a topping made of crushed potato chips and shredded cheese.

The complete ingredient list to make this dish includes Lay’s potato chips, water, milk, butter, Old Bay seasoning, shredded parmesan cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese.

To make the mashed potatoes, you add potato chips to boiling water and once they have broken down you mix in the milk, butter, and Old Bay seasoning. The potatoes are then added to a baking dish where you top the potatoes with a mixture of crushed up Lay’s potato chips and the shredded cheeses. Pop the dish in the oven and bake for a short period of time to complete your masterpiece.

Since Lay’s potato chips are made from 100% real potatoes, there should be no doubt that this hack can make delicious mashed potatoes from one of America’s favorite snacks.

You can learn how to get your own “Potato Chip to Potato Dish” meal kit by checking out the Lay’s Instagram page.