The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 episode 2: Mischief at the North Pole

Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

The Big Bake: Holiday was back for episode 2, and this time, the teams of bakers had to make colossal creations that showed mischief occurring at the North Pole. These huge cakes were amazing, but the road getting to the finish line was filled with chaos.

The three teams included Team Mistletotes with Amanda, Dani, and Alexa, Team Jingle Buds with Seema, Matt, and Jeremy, and Team Fab and Festive with Gloria, Jessica, and Jeanette. They each had three very different ideas for their cakes.

The Mistletotes made a Christmas tree that leaning and covered in elves making mischief. Mrs. Clause puts up the tree every year, but this year, the elves are messing with it. There is toilet paper, fireworks, elves hanging upside down, and blinking lights.

The Jingle Buds team made a life-size Santa sleeping with an elf causing all kinds of trouble. They had a penguin bouncing up and down and even a snow machine.

The Big Bake: Holiday was going to the elves this week

Team Fab and Festive went a whole other direction. They had a group of mice taking over the kitchen at the North Pole. They created a stand mixer out of cake with various mice causing chaos and almost burning out the mixer.

The bakers also had to make six cake pops as a twist. Team Jingle Buds made chocolate cake with honey marshmallow and dark chocolate mousse pops. Team Mistletotes made orange cake pops with cream cheese icing, almond brittle, and cranberry compote. And finally, Team Fab and Festive created pumpkin spice cake pops with cranberry filling and cream cheese icing.

All of these cakes looked extraordinary, but Team Jingle Buds is the one that definitely had some issues. They were still planning their cake while others were busy building theirs. It led to them not getting as much done as they hoped. They only had one elf on their display because they ran out of time.

Team Fab and Festive had things they had to scrap, but not in the same way as the Jingle Buds. Additionally, Team Mistletotes had some issues with the building process, but again, they presented what turned out to be pretty close to their original idea.

As for the flavors, the judges really loved all the cakes, but they almost collapsed when they tasted Team Mistletotes and Team Fab and Festive’s cakes and cake pops. It was clearly down to those teams when trying to figure out who was going to win.

So who won the $10,000? That was Team Mistletotes! Their cake was truly extraordinary. The cake, the mechanics, and the decorations were all on point. Any struggles they had during the bake could not be seen in their display.

Next week on The Big Bake: Holiday, three teams will have to make sweet displays showing Santa’s reindeer enjoying retirement. And these teams won’t be brand new. There will be three past teams looking for redemption!

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