ALDI drops new looks for you and your pets this winter

First Ever ALDI Gear Holiday Pet Sweaters. Image Courtesy of ALDI.
First Ever ALDI Gear Holiday Pet Sweaters. Image Courtesy of ALDI. /

ALDI has been a long-time favorite of those who love a bargain and the grocery chain even added some clothing to its already expansive selection.

For the third time this year, we’re getting a new clothing collection from ALDI. There is one major difference this round and it’s that your pets can get in on the fun. Known as the ALDI Gear for dogs, there are a few different options.

Given that the store is known for its cheap prices, it’s only right that all of these pieces are less than $13.00. Let’s hope that Taylor Swift approves of this because you know how much she loves the number 13.

Regardless, you’ll definitely want to grab an item or two from this new launch as it’s the perfect thing to grab as a holiday gift or as something to keep you warm and cozy this winter.

See the new holiday-themed ALDI gear for 2023.

First Ever ALDI Gear Holiday Pet Sweaters. Image Courtesy of ALDI /

The winter gear collection is full of so many great items to keep you cozy this holiday season so let’s break it down. You can show your love for ALDI with a holiday sweater that comes in multiple different colors and patterns which is priced at $12.99. Then for your pup, you can grab a matching one for only $4.99. It’s a small price to pay for being adorable together.

These next few items are more in the accessories realm but are great if you’re looking for something new to add to your winter wardrobe. You can get a winter beanie for $3.99 along with a pair of slippers for $4.99. The priciest item aside from the holiday sweater is a onesie which comes in at $9.99. Moving on to the final item, ALDI added some holiday earrings for $4.99.

Given the price point for all of these, you can’t go wrong in grabbing something for you and something for a friend. I mean I know I’d love to get a holiday sweater ahead of Christmas or even for Christmas. Regardless, the company continues to have some of the best prices around especially if you’re Christmas shopping.

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be grabbing one of these ALDI holiday sweaters this year? 

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