Hidden Valley Ranch gives us Double Ranch for all ranch lovers

Hidden Valley Unveils Ranchiest Collaboration Yet. Image Courtesy of Hidden Valley.
Hidden Valley Unveils Ranchiest Collaboration Yet. Image Courtesy of Hidden Valley. /

Hidden Valley Ranch is one of the best ranch dressings out there. While other brands are doing it, it feels like Hidden Valley has it on lock.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to learn that Hidden Valley Ranch decided to team up with Hidden Valley Ranch. Yes, you read that correctly: The beloved ranch brand is teaming up with itself.

Known as Double Ranch, this is twice the flavor, twice the bottles, and twice the amount of ranch. Whether you’re the ranch lover in your group or have someone who can’t live without it, you’ll be clamoring to grab one of these tasty new delights but in a typical way.

You can grab one of these if you’re on Snapchat as it’s dropping on November 18th and you’ll have to find the lens. As shared via the brand: “The custom Snapchat lens will recognize an “X” that the users come across, prompting a Double Ranch bottle to appear on the screen and providing a Swipe Up feature to purchase.”

Double Ranch is coming from Hidden Valley Ranch with a twist.

Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Unveils Ranchiest Collaboration Yet. Image Credit to Hidden Valley. /

The only catch with this launch is that there have only been 222 bottles made so you’ll have to grab one if you want it. In addition, this news is going to drop at ComplexCon if you’re attending. If you don’t have Snapchat, you can grab it from the hiddenvalley.com website.

In addition to getting your bottle of Double Ranch, you’ll also get a double ramekin to use for dipping and a reversible bucket hat to showcase your ranch love. Whether you’re a ranch lover or you love a ranch lover, you’ll want to make sure you grab this as a way for them to treasure this unique collaboration.

Considering how beloved the ranch is and how many people use it, this doesn’t come as any surprise and honestly, is a pretty ingenious move. I can certainly think of a few other brands who could pull something like this off. However, Hidden Valley Ranch has been my favorite for decades so there’s no way I wasn’t going to want to cover this.

Are you a Ranch fan? Will you be grabbing some Double Ranch this holiday season? 

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