Great British Baking Show season 14 episode 8: It’s party time

THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF 2023 © Love Productions/Channel 4/Photographer: Mark Bourdillon
THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF 2023 © Love Productions/Channel 4/Photographer: Mark Bourdillon /

It was a party on this week’s episode of Great British Baking Show. It was all about party bakes! And the pressure was definitely on for the remaining bakers as it was also the quarter-finals. With all the bakers having been Star Baker at one point, seeing them go home hurts even more.

The episode started with a sausage roll Signature Challenge. The bakers could make whatever pastry they wanted with whatever filling they wanted, but they had to make a sausage roll. Paul could not have been more excited for this challenge.

The bakes ranged from dim-sum-inspired sausage rolls to Christmas-flavored rolls to more traditional ones. While Paul didn’t like all of these bakes, he did have a handshake for Matty!

He didn’t like the flavor of Dan’s dim-sum-inspired sausage roll and he thought Tasha and Cristy’s needed longer in the oven.

Great British Baking Show was a stress-filled party this week

On to the Technical! For this challenge, they had to make a caterpillar cake. This is a very British thing that seems to be a cake every British person has for at least one birthday. So the bakers clearly knew what they were making, but with a time limit and a bare-bones recipe, it wasn’t exactly easy. Some were a bit messy and some were dry, but overall, none were inedible. Tasha took the top spot!

Finally, the Showstopper Challenge! This week, the bakers had to make a no-beige buffet. They could pretty much bake whatever they wanted, but it couldn’t be beige in color.

Dan made a dinosaur-themed buffet, Matty made a sports-themed one, Cristy made a Willy Wonka-inspired buffet, Tasha created a farm-themed buffet, and Josh made a Christmas-inspired bake.

The big problem here came with a few of the bakers doing too much. Both Dan and Tasha were a bit too ambitious, and it showed in their overall final product. Some of their bakes didn’t look as good as they could, and some of their flavors struggled. While Cristy didn’t do as much, she ran out of time to really make her buffet shine.

Who got Star Baker? That was Matty! He did really well throughout the whole episode and had one of the best buffets.

And who went home? That was unfortunately Cristy. While none of her bakes were horrible, with the finale coming up in a few weeks, there is really no more room for mistakes.

Next week is the semi-finals! It’s also Patisserie Week! It will be all about French and Italian pastries, and the heat will be on to see who makes it to the finale.

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