The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 episode 6: Winter wonderland fun

Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 was back for episode 6, and this week, it was all about winter wonderland fun for polar bears, penguins, and any other wintery creatures at the North Pole.

The three teams this week included Team Sweet Solstice (Estefania, Grace, and Jenae), Team Candy Cane Crew (Crystal, Cheryl, and Faith), and Team Flurry Up (Tony, Lora, and Rhoda).

Team Sweet Solstice made a display with a snowman making his way down a very steep snow-covered hill. It also included a snowperson on a snowboard spinning out as well. Their cake was a brown sugar spice cake with candied pears, pear ganache, and buttercream.

Team Candy Cane Crrew made a giant DJ Yeti who was spinning records and partying in the club along with his gnome friends. Their cake was dark chocolate and banana with espresso buttercream, salted walnut crunch, and caramelized bananas (yum!).

The Big Bake: Holiday is all about winter activities this week

Finally, Team Flurry Up made a display with multiple Christmas trees, a couple of polar bears on snowboards, and a penguin with a snowboard. Their cake was an apple spice cake with cinnamon and apple compote, and buttercream infused with mulled fruit.

The bakers also had to make hot cocoa bombs to go with their displays as well. Sweet Solstice created melting snowman cocoa bombs with Mexican hot cocoa and gingerbread stirrers, Flurry Up made Snickerdoodle hot cocoa bombs with sugar cookie stirrers, and Candy Cane Crew made snowmen bombs with spicy hot cocoa and buttery carrot shortbread cookies.

But who won? The judges didn’t have too many bad things to say about any of the amazing displays, so it was really anyone’s win, but it was Team Sweet Solstice that took the $10,000 prize!

Next week is the final episode of the series and will feature three returning teams who will have to make displays showing off some jolly dinosaurs.

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