The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 finale: Winner of winners

Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 wrapped up with three teams of bakers who have won in the past coming back to compete against each other. And the theme this week was dinosaur holiday! T-rexes, triceratops, and brachosauruses, oh my!

The teams included Team Snowy Sprinkles (Jason, Nicole, and Rachel), Team Supreme Buttercream (Anna Laura, Willie, and Lili), and Team Cake Attack (Karl, Jocelyn, and Anjanette).

Team Snow Sprinkles made a cake with a volcano, a spinning triceratops, and a T-rex-driven sleigh and included a snow machine and fire coming out of the volcano. They made a dark chocolate cake with rosemary caramel and rosemary caramel buttercream.

Team Supreme Buttercream made a giant brachiosaurus with two baby dinosaurs. One was hanging lights while the other was popping out of a present. They also had a huge beautiful Christmas tree with a spinning star. Their cake was cafe de olla-flavored and included piloncillo buttercream and orange curd.

The Big Bake: Holiday wrapped up for the season

Finally, Team Cake Attack created a triceratops Santa in a sleigh made of dinosaur bones that was being pulled by a pterodactyl. They also had a volcano with steam coming out of it and a tree. Their cake was white velvet buttermilk-flavored with almond honey nougat buttercream and passionfruit curd.

But there was a bonus bake as well. The bakers had to create dinosaur macaron stacks. Team Snow Sprinkles made vanilla macarons with peppermint white chocolate ganache, Team Supreme Buttercream made vanilla macarons with raspberry compote and pistachio ganache, and Team Cake Attack made peanut butter and jelly macaron stacks.

Overall, these were all amazing-looking cakes. I was pretty much drooling when they cut open each of the cakes and when the judges bit into the macarons.

Aesthetically, Team Supreme Buttercream had the cleanest and most gorgeous cake. Unfortunately, their cake was a bit dry. It also doesn’t help when you’re going up against a cake that has flames shooting out of it. That was the cake that won, and it belonged to Team Snowy Sprinkles! They took home the $10,000 prize and won against the other past winners.

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