7-Eleven’s National Donut Day Deal only costs a Washington

That’s $1, by the way.
Donuts - credit: 7-Eleven
Donuts - credit: 7-Eleven /

We’ve already recapped a ton of National Donut Day deals - but there are more out there. Specifically, 7-Eleven and related chains are giving you a $1 glazed donut, today only.

In case we threw you in the middle there, National Donut Day is a day celebrating all things round and doughy – but it actually has an interesting history in that it comes from the Salvation Army, and specifically their corps of workers who gave out donuts to those who fought in World War I. In fact, they did so on the eve of World War II, in 1938, and every year since then both the Salvation Army and donut shops nationwide have celebrated the day, though the original reason may have gotten somewhat lost in the process.

But that said, you’re probably wondering how to take advantage of this 7-Eleven National Donut Day deal. Here’s how! Just walk into a participating 7-Eleven, Speedway, or Stripes store. Give them $1 – that’s the dollar bill with Washington on it! - and then walk out with a glazed donut.

That’s it! That’s the whole thing. Or the hole thing, if you want to make a donut pun.

A quick glance at my local 7-Eleven’s menu shows that a donut is regularly $1.79, so you’re saving a bit of cash there. They’ve also got mini-donuts, as well as Apple Fritters and more.

While there, though it isn’t on sale, you can also snag a brand new Mangonada Donut, which is a “honeymooner donut” filled with mango and chamoy, then sprinkled with Tajin and sugar. So yes, spicy, sweet, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, my local 7-Eleven doesn’t carry that one – though it does have the new Peach Candy Lemonade Slurpee, which is not, in fact, a donut. But it is delicious, so there you go.

Happy Donut Day, however you celebrate - and go get that $1 donut!

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