Blue Apron is helping us to be Prepared & Ready with new line of microwaveable meals

Think less cooking, while still enjoying tasty meals that are also health conscious
Blue Apron to Release New Line of Fresh Pre-Made, Non-Frozen Meals
Blue Apron to Release New Line of Fresh Pre-Made, Non-Frozen Meals /

If you are anything like me, then sometimes you just don't want to cook. This is especially true if you are a single person looking to enjoy a delicious meal but not wanting to go all out cooking for one. Luckily for us, Blue Apron understands and they want to make life easier than ever.

As a longtime fan of Blue Apron, I am always excited about their unique meal options, their ability to bring inspiration to the kitchen, as well as their willingness to try new things. This is a meal delivery company that understands innovation and the need to make life easier. At the same time, they also know that we still want to enjoy delicious dishes.

In December, Blue Apron introduced their new line of Prepared & Ready meals that are non-frozen microwaveable meals. Each meal features a protein or main dish that is accompanied by a side that perfectly pairs with the protein in the dish. There are pasta meals, chicken dishes, fish meals, and more. And we got the chance to try some of these meals.

Blue Apron delivers a new line of pre-made, ready to eat meals that just require a few minutes in the microwave

Blue Apron to Release New Line of Fresh Pre-Made, Non-Frozen Meals /

First let's talk about how Blue Apron describes these meals. According to the press email we received about these offerings, "Prepared & Ready recipes feature a chef-curated menu with seasonally-inspired produce, signature sauces and tender meats prepared sous vide, so customers never have to sacrifice quality for convenience."

And we happen to agree about the fact that quality is not sacrificed with these dishes. For us, there were two dishes that we fell in love with and would again and again. Specifically the Shredded Beef & Yakisoba, as well as the Four-Cheese Ravioli were absolutely amazing. These were elevated dishes that didn't feel like they were microwave dinners at all.

Of course, every week there are new dishes to choose from and that helps to keep things exciting. For us, some of the recent and upcoming meals that have us drooling at our computers and wishing we had a permanent subscription to Blue Apron include the Cheesy Truffle Cavatappi

with Mushrooms & Kale, the Coconut Korma Chicken
with Rice & Chickpeas, and the Salmon & Riced Broccoli
with Pesto & Feta Cheese (salmon and feta are two of my favorite things so this dish is a winner right there).

Honestly, we can't wait to see what other meals Blue Apron comes up with for this Prepared & Ready line. After what we have already tasted and seen, we can only imagine things will only get better and better and we can't wait to try what else is on the menu in the future.

We also really hope that the Prepared & Ready line includes more Mediterranean dishes and maybe even a steak dish or two. But what would you like to see in future dishes? And what do you think of the brand offering meals that are so quick and easy?

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