Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites returning to Sonic

Sonic has announced that their popular Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites are returning to the menu nationwide for a limited time.
The new Sonic Drive-In, 6250 S. Virginia St., at Neil Road, in South Reno, is seen on Oct. 12, 2020.
The new Sonic Drive-In, 6250 S. Virginia St., at Neil Road, in South Reno, is seen on Oct. 12, 2020. / Andy Barron/RGJ via Imagn Content

We've said it before but it bears repeating. If you are in the fast food business and your name isn't McDonald's or Burger King, then you need to do something to make you stand apart. For Sonic, that means a drive-in gimmick and a menu that's a bit experimental. 

Sonic is best known for their ridiculously flexible drink menu and food that you won't find at other fast food chains. That includes things like their Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger and milkshakes that have garnered their own cult like following.

It was last July when Sonic introduced their latest menu innovation in the form of Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites. Called one part empanada and one part ravioli by their fans, they were a huge hit but like too many things, they were only available for a limited time.

Well, we have some good news. It looks like they are returning to a Sonic near you.

Buffalo Dip Chicken Bites are back at Sonic for a limited time. 

Sonic's Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites include perfectly cooked chicken, a creamy buffalo dip sauce and cheddar cheese all bended together and then encased in a dough wrapper and fried to perfection. Some call it very wonton like while other argue it eats more like a fried ravioli. 

Either way, the item proved to be a huge hit when it was first introduced last summer and there's every indication it will be a massively popular once again. 

The only problem? That once again, they will only be on the Sonic menu for a limited time. So if you are a fan or just want to try something outside the fast food box, head to Sonic and get some while you can.

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