Burger King's $6 Birthday Meal Is a Very Happy Birthday for You

This kingly offer is available for a limited time to celebrate Burger King's 70th birthday.
Burger King Birthday Pie Slice
Burger King Birthday Pie Slice /

As Burger King celebrates 70 years of awesomeness, they've introduced another treat for the customers. The latest offer is the Birthday Meal, now available through the Burger King website and mobile app. It features a Whopper Jr., small fries, a small drink, and a Birthday pie slice.

The meal comes at a time when many restaurants are trying to reel back in customers with cheaper options. Over the past few weeks, we've seen McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and others develop meals that are eight dollars or less to get back customers who have opted to cook at home.

As far as this meal from Burger King goes, it captures the sheer essence of why the fast food spot remains popular today. The delicious fries (my personal favorite), an ice-cold drink to combat the summer heat, a tasty Whopper Jr., and a slice of pie complete the trip. It also comes with a cost-effective price of $6.

Overall, this was a good move by Burger King to add a deal to what has already been a successful birthday campaign for the company. As always, we've seen the fast food giants going back and forth, and now the King looks to reign supreme over its competitors with this one.

Last year we saw McDonald's celebrate a birthday when they had the Grimace meal, which featured the Grimace Shake that saw a cult following. This year, it's Burger King, that's attempting to celebrate 70 years of worldwide success.

If this meal sounds appealing, you probably want to hop on your computer or phone as soon as humanly possible. Like other deals of its ilk, an offer this great is only available for a limited time at participating locations.

That said, will you be celebrating like a king this week? Are you going to take advantage of this deal? Stay tuned for another surprise from Burger King.

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