Burger King Offers a Week's Worth of Freebies for Its 70th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Burger King! Thanks for the presents!
Burger King - credit: Grubhub
Burger King - credit: Grubhub /

As promised in our last Burger King article that discussed the new $6 birthday meal, there is another surprise for customers to enjoy. This one comes in the form of a week's worth of deals that will help you save some money for the next seven days.

Starting today, Burger King will offer seven different items in the coming days for free with a purchase of at least 70 cents or more. Below are the list of special offers that can be found in the Royal Rewards program:

  • Tuesday 5/28: Free Hamburger
  • Wednesday 5/29: Free Croissan'wich
  • Thursday 5/30: Free Medium Fountain Drink
  • Friday 5/31: Free Cheeseburger
  • Saturday 6/1 (Birthday): Free Birthday Pie Slice
  • Sunday 6/2: Free Original Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  • Monday 6/3: Free Whopper Jr.

I don't know about you, but I will definitely be taking advantage of a couple of these. Since you only have to spend 70 cents, there are many ways that you can maximize the value of this weekly celebration. But it is also a great reason to look back at some of the good times at the fast food chain.

Some of my earliest moments include trying my first Whopper, sipping a ridiculously large ice-cold beverage, and high-fiving the Burger King mascot. From the annoying Whopper, Whopper, Whopper jingle to the short-lived collab with Kraft Mac and Cheese, not many chains have had the longevity of Burger King. And while some of our favorite places may meet their demise soon, we can always count on BK to tell us that we rule.

With that, if you get a chance this week, download the app if you haven't already and stop by your local Burger King. I'm sure we all have special memories from the fast food spot, and what better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than with a delicious Whopper Jr. or a slice of the limited-time Birthday Pie?

Happy Birthday, Burger King! Here's to many more years of burger-flipping awesomeness!

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