The Chipotle camera rule isn't real, and maybe stop sticking your phone in people's faces?

A trend on TikTok sees influencers recording workers and appearing to receive more food in the process.
Chipotle National Burrito Day - credit: Chipotle
Chipotle National Burrito Day - credit: Chipotle /

If you haven't heard, Chipotle has recently became the target of a reportedly incorrect uproar. Enthusiasts of the fast-casual spot across the country spoke out about "small portion sizes" leading to many people contemplating boycotting the restaurant altogether. Though Chipotle stated this was simply not true, TikTok influencers have taken it one step further with what they call the Chiptole camera rule, aka the Chiptole phone rule. But like the seemingly incorrect small portion sizes rumor, is this also a viral hoax?

The strategy, as they explain it, is pretty simple. While you are in the process of ordering your burrito bowl or other Chipotle items, you grab your phone and record the worker. The reasoning is that the person serving your food will be afraid of being a victim of the internet and will add more food than what would've originally been received.

There are also rumors that Chipotle employees have been told to up the portion sizes if they see a camera or phone. However, the company has refuted any claims that this is actually true.

But the truth hasn't stopped influencers before. There have been many videos circling online of people receiving what appears to be more food while pulling their devices out.

Of course, it is never a good idea to trust the internet, especially with things like this. Many videos are staged and don't reflect what occurs in regular daily life. And honestly, I am a believer that the portions are subjective. One man's small portion is Chipotle's regular portion size.

In other words, we are all at the mercy of the workers. During my time eating there, I've seen some people receive a giant amount of food while others have received a mere scoop of chicken. I've also had a few moments where they doubled the meat and didn't tell the person working the counter.

The bottom line is, if you want more food, it might not be a nice gesture to stick a phone in someone's face -- even if the internet tells you to. Instead, try to be nice and courteous, or hope Chipotle develops a standard size that can attempt to satisfy the masses.

Next. No, Chipotle has not changed their portion sizes. No, Chipotle has not changed their portion sizes. dark