Coors Light has a literally cool new shirt for soccer fans

The Coors Light Chill Jersey has built-in thermal sensors and a place to store your beer.
Coors Light Chill Jersey - credit: Coors Light
Coors Light Chill Jersey - credit: Coors Light /

If you recently purchased Snickers’ Ice Cream Chiller, the enormous glove that holds Snickers ice cream and keeps it cool, have I got the shirt for you. Available starting today, you can get your hands on the Coors Light Chill Jersey, a shirt that senses your body temperature and cools you down appropriately. Plus, it has a band on the arm for storing your Coors Light.

“Anyone who has watched a soccer match knows how heated it can get, especially as your favorite teams go head to head,” said Katie Feldman, director of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Between the second Leagues Cup tournament to soccer events happening across the globe, Coors Light is here to keep fans chill and with their favorite beer and a jersey that keeps them cool.”

As you can probably figure out from the quote above, this is part of a soccer promotion, tying into the Leagues Cup, a tournament featuring every Major League Soccer team, and LIGA MX. While you’re not legally required to wear the Chill Jersey at a soccer match, the idea is as you get excited watching the game and start to get all het up, the thermal sensors woven into the fabric will cool you down. And of course the Captain’s Beer Band will provide anything cooling option, a delicious chilled Coors Light.

Coors Light Chill Jersey_Infographic
Coors Light Chill Jersey - credit: Coors Light /

“At Leagues Cup, we’re thrilled to partner with Coors Light on the 'Refresh the Game' campaign. The Coors Light Chill Jersey embodies the excitement and intensity of the most unique soccer tournament in the world while ensuring fans can stay cool and enjoy every moment of the action,” added Sana Shuaib, Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing, Integrated Marketing Solutions & Commercial Insights at SUM/MLS. “This innovative jersey not only showcases the spirit of the game but also brings a new level of engagement to our passionate soccer community." 

If you’re interested in snagging your own Chill Jersey, they are extremely limited so better hop on it. Starting at Noon ET today, and continuing each day running through June 21, 2024, only 90 Chill Jerseys will be available for $50 at in the following quantities per day:

  • Monday, June 17: 18 Jerseys
  • Tuesday, June 18: 14 Jerseys
  • Wednesday, June 19: 10 Jerseys
  • Thursday, June 20: 8 Jerseys
  • Friday, June 21: 8 Jerseys

If you do miss out this time, there will be a second drop running from July 16 through July 19, starting at Noon ET each of those days, with eight additional jerseys available per day.

So get cracking! After all, you need something to match that ice cream glove.

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