Crumbl Cookies officially drops the Tres Leches Cake nationwide as part of menu for February 19 to 24

Crumbl Cookies is giving us two new treats for February 19-24 menu
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Recently, word broke that Crumbl Cookies was testing a new Tres Leches Cake. Much like their new Cinnamon Squares, this is a square cake that thinks outside of the cookie sheet. And now, that Tres Leches Cake is officially hitting menus nationwide (and beyond).

According to the Crumbl Cookies social media, for the week of February 19 to the 24, not only is the Tres Leches Cake making its Crumbl debut, but there is also a second new treat in the form of a new cookie flavor. And honestly, this entire menu really delivers on the idea of there being something for everyone.

But first, let's talk about the Tres Leches Cake. According to the brand this is, " A light, fluffy vanilla cake soaked in a classic tres leches sauce, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with a layer of cinnamon. Available for this week only, so probably best to try it first thing tomorrow."

The Tres Leches Cake sounds amazing and based on some of the posts on social media from people who had the chance to try it when the brand was just testing it as an option, we expect this to be a fan favorite. In fact, we agree with Crumbl and if you want to try the cake, it is best to head on over first thing on Monday. Of course, if you are heading to Crumbl you are likely heading there for the cookies, so this might just be an added bonus of a treat.

So what else is on the Crumbl Cookies menu for the week?

The Crumbl Cookies menu for February 19 to 24 features two new treats

  • Tres Leches Cake
  • Chocolate Cake Batter - This cookie is exactly as it sounds, "A rich chocolate cake batter cookie swirled with fudge frosting and topped with cake batter cake balls." It sounds decadent and we can't imagine being able to eat this in one sitting. (Then again, we have no self control, so as long as we have a glass of milk, we might be able to do it.)
  • Iced Oatmeal - If you like oatmeal cookies, this is for you. This is a cinnamon oatmeal flavored cookie which is coated in a cream cheese glaze that is also flavored with vanilla. It is another rich option that elevates a classic, while also reminds us of being a kid.
  • Lemon Cheesecake - If you love lemon cookies, this is a must try as well. This cookie starts with a graham cracker flavored cookie that has a cheesecake topping for its frosting before a layer of lemon curd is added to the top. And to add just that little bit more to the experience, they have also added a fresh slice of lemon as a garnish.
  • Classic Peanut Butter - This cookie is all about simplicity done right as you are literally just getting a giant peanut butter cookie with the iconic cross hatch design on top. This is a peanuty delight that will have people coming back for more.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk - This is another classic cookie that we all know and love. It really is an elevated chocolate chip cookie, but with the chunks instead of the chips! This is a favorite, and it probably comes as no surprise to any cookie lovers.

This menu of cookie flavors feels like it is all about the classics and we happen to love that. Of course, it makes sense that they would opt for more traditional flavors in order to allow their two new treats to shine! We can't wait to try both the Chocolate Cake Batter Cookie and the new Tres Leches Cake! Both of these desserts sound like they will take our taste buds on a ride and we can't wait for it.

What do you think of this week's Crumbl Cookies menu? Which flavor are you the most excited for? Are you ready to try the Tres Leches Cake? Are you a fan of this lineup?

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