Crumbl's menu for April 15-20 brings back the Cinnamon Square -- and introduces a new cookie

Meet the maple cream sandwich cookie.
Crumbl Introduces Cinnamon Squares. Credit: Crumbl
Crumbl Introduces Cinnamon Squares. Credit: Crumbl /

For fans of Crumbl and their recent decision to get into baked goods outside of the classic cookie, there is some exciting news for the week of April 15 to 20. In January, the company introduced us to their cinnamon squares. It was their take on a cinnamon roll but with a more cake-like shape. And now those delicious squares are back!

That’s right, fans of the cinnamon squares are in luck. Crumbl has not only decided to bring them back for the week of April 15, but they are also giving us a brand new sandwich cookie to fall in love with. And it honestly sounds like the perfect combo, because this new flavor is a maple cream sandwich cookie. A cinnamon square AND a maple cream sandwich cookie? Be still my beating heart.

So what exactly is in this week’s lineup of sweet treats? We've got the cinnamon square of course... Plus one new cookie, and some more returning favorites.

The Crumbl menu for April 15-20 is extra sweet

For this week’s menu, the cinnamon square will take the place of one cookie flavor. But that doesn't mean we don't have several delectable options, as well.

  • Cinnamon Squares - If you didn’t get to try this take on a cinnamon roll the first time around, get ready: Crumbl describes this treat as “ a moist, fluffy cinnamon square marbled with brown sugar cinnamon butter and smothered with a light vanilla cream cheese frosting.”
  • Maple Cream Sandwich - This is the newest addition to the menu, and it’s another sandwich cookie. This sandwich is two vanilla shortbread cookies with maple cream cheese frosting in the middle. There is even a maple leaf on top. It seems relatively simple, but when you add maple to things, it just elevates all the flavors.
  • Birthday Cake Featuring Oreo - This is an interesting cookie as it is made with pieces of Oreo and it is then topped with a cream cheese frosting that tastes like cake batter. It’s topped with even more pieces of Oreos and has a bit of color from rainbow sprinkles also added to the top. It’s a decadent cookie that sounds perfect for any birthday party.
  • Red Velvet White Chip - This cookie is for you if you like red velvet. This is just a red velvet cookie with white chips mixed in. That's it! It’s simple but delicious.
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - Can you ever go wrong with a peanut butter cookie? I think not -- and if you add milk chocolate chips and peanut butter chips throughout and on top, then you have the perfect cookie.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk - This is a classic cookie that you could never go wrong with. Once again, this is like the chocolate chip but it’s made with their chocolate chunks instead. It’s topped with flaky sea salt to give it that little bit something extra to perfectly balance the sweetness.

This is another fun lineup from Crumbl. We love the fact that they brought back their cinnamon squares for another go around. And of course we appreciate when they give us a brand new cookie to fall in love with.

What do you think of this lineup? Which cookie are you the most excited for? Or are you excited for the return of the cinnamon squares?

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