DIGIORNO Thin & Crispy STUFFED Crust Pizza review: This make-at-home pizza will leave you stuffed

We tried the new Pepperoni and Sausage pizza from Digiorno.
DIGIORNO Thin and Crispy STUFFED Crust Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza
DIGIORNO Thin and Crispy STUFFED Crust Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza /

Most of the country does not have good pizza available. This is just a plain, simple fact that is made annoyingly apparent at every possible opportunity by New Yorkers like me. Whereas pretty much every street corner here has a pizza joint with average to excellent pizza, the large swathe of America has your regular chain restaurants, and that’s pretty much it.

That certainly points to the continued success of Digiorno, a brand synonymous with the catchphrase, “It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno” where they push you can get delivery quality pizza at home. The problem, of course, is when your delivery is New York City pizza… Well, no insult to the storied brand, but it’s not actually similar at all.

But if you’re used to your Dominos, your Pizza Huts, and the like, the chain-style pizza available from Digiorno is potentially simpler, cheaper, and less of a hassle than ordering delivery. You remove the wrapping, pop it in the oven, and a half hour later you’re having a pizza that is on par with what you could get pretty much anywhere else.

The one advantage the big chains have had over Digiorno is the variety of their pizzas, particularly the now almost requisite stuffed crust. Enter a new line from Digiorno meant to kill two birds with one stone, a pie that is both thin and crispy, and with a stuffed crust.

The new Thin & Crispy Stuffed Crust line has three varieties: Margherita, Pepperoni, and Pepperoni and Sausage. In addition, the Pepperoni variety comes with some Mike’s Hot Honey you can drizzle on the pie, which sounds great, honestly.

Digiorno sent one pie for review by Guilty Eats: the Pepperoni and Sausage. So while I can’t compare one pie to another, I can tell you what I, a snotty New Yorker, thought about this latest pizza innovation.

I say this complementarily: if you like this sort of pizza, you will probably like this, as well. It’s not a very large pie, and probably the right size to feed either two people as a snack, or one hungry person as a meal. But the Pepperoni and Sausage is pretty meaty, there’s a nice amount of sauce and cheese on the pie, and it was overall easy to cook. As mentioned above, I put it on the rack directly, took it out, cut it, and ate it. No muss, no fuss.

Digiorno's Thin & Crispy Stuffed Crust /

That said, let’s talk about the two draws of this pie. I’d argue about the “thin and crispy” part a bit, personally. It was thin for sure, but there was no crunch from the pie – this isn’t crispy, though it’s far more wafer-esque than say, Dominos or Pizza Hut. Ultimately if you’re looking for something that feels like pizza on several layers of soft cracker, this is what you get here. I didn’t mind it, to be clear. But the name implies crunch, which this was not giving.

Let’s turn to the most controversial part of the pizza, though, the stuffed crust. While one of my tasting partners didn’t even know it was there – she grabbed a slice while I wasn’t looking – and another responded with a shrug, I actively liked the stuffed crust. Particularly when fresh out of the oven, while not the oozing, gooey mess you probably want from this sort of thing (or what's pictured on the box), it was very much like eating a thin, warm cheese stick wrapped in a soft breadstick at the end of the slice. Perhaps not the texture or taste some folks (read: my wife and daughter) were hoping for, but I dug it and would frankly probably eat Digiorno’s Oops! All Stuffed Crusts if they released that as a side dish.

Will I immediately rush out and buy 10 more of these to stock my freezer? Probably not because again, I can walk across the street and get pretty excellent pizza 24 hours a day, cheap. I’m sorry. I’m humblebragging. But for those who live in other places without easy access to a premium pie, this is a totally fine snack substitute.

This is a fine snack pizza if you already like this sort of thing, and your mileage may vary on the stuffed crust.. . DIGIORNO Thin & Crispy STUFFED Crust Pizza. DIGIORNO Thin & Crispy STUFFED Crust Pizza. B-

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