Here’s a tip: Domino’s will tip you for tipping your delivery driver

It is just as Sublime once sang.
Domino's New York Style Pizza, foldable slice
Domino's New York Style Pizza, foldable slice /

It’s almost summertime, and as Sublime sang in their classic song “Summertime (Doin’ Time)”: “Take a tip, take a tip, take a ti-ti-ti-tip from me.” Or rather you might want to take a tip from Domino’s as the chain is kicking off a “You Tip, We Tip” promotion that gives you $3 if you tip your delivery driver.

“Domino’s drivers have been hustling to deliver hot, delicious pizzas since 1960, and we love that customers have been tipping them for their great service since day one,” said Kate Trumbull, Domino’s senior vice president – chief brand officer, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “But these days, everywhere you go, there’s a tip screen. The pressure to tip is real, even when no extra service is provided. So, we decided to flip the script and show our appreciation by tipping customers back.” 

The promotion doesn’t officially begin until April 29, but here’s how it works: whenever you tip a Domino’s delivery driver $3 or more online, you’ll get a $3 coupon, good for a new order placed the week following.

That’s basically the whole thing, but frankly, I’d say this is nicer in terms of encouraging folks to tip their hard-working drivers, who often have to deal with the brunt of customer fury if something goes wrong; and don’t often get the credit – or tips – if something goes right. Not that I’m going to turn down $3, mind you, I work hard for my money, as Donna Summer once sang. But at the same time, I’d like to give a little hat tip to Domino’s for trying to take care of their workers in this case.

While you’re ordering from the chain, you might want to check out their new New York Style Pizza, which is currently going for $10.99. I’m no math genius, but if you subtract your $3 tip from that, it’s less than $10. Not a bad deal! It’s almost like magic! It’s not, though. Or as Sublime once sang, “I don’t practice Santeria.”

Sorry, that last one was more of a stretch than the cheese pull on Domino’s New York Style Pizza.

Domino’s introduces New York Style Pizza, so you can shout “Ay, I’m walkin’ here,” in Boise or wherever. dark. Next. Domino’s introduces New York Style Pizza, so you can shout “Ay, I’m walkin’ here,” in Boise or wherever