DOVE Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel PROMISES review: A subtle hit of the beloved Italian dessert

Tiramisu is all the rage, but will these new chocolates soothe the savage beast?
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Demi Lovato famously once sang “promises me no promises.” But what if they’re DOVE Chocolate PROMISES? And what if they’re filled with Tiramisu Caramel? What then, Demi Lovato?

Though I do not know Demi Lovato personally, I’d like to think she would say “yum” and “I’ll take the serving size of four, please.” And I would agree, based on samples of the new product that were provided to Guilty Eats by DOVE.

First launched on March 21, 2024, aka National Tiramisu Day, and now available in stores in a 6.7 oz pouch, DOVE Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel PROMISES are an extension of the line that also includes Dark Chocolate and Almond, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Mint Swirl, and Molten Lava Caramel; as well DOVE Large PROMISES, which come in Milk Chocolate and Caramel, and Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

To be clear, these new Tiramisu Caramels are normal-sized promises, and I would urge anyone to not make large promises unless you’re ready to deliver on them. Jokes aside, these are indeed bite-size treats, with gooey tiramisu-flavored caramel inside DOVE’s signature milk chocolate.

They’re also part of what seems to be a burgeoning trend, what with OREO’s delectable Tiramisu Thins, and now this. We’re not ready to declare it Hot Tiramisu Summer or anything (we’ll wait for one more Tiramisu product before doing that), but it’s definitely an extension I personally don’t mind, mainly because Tiramisu is delicious.

These DOVE chocolates are also pretty delicious! The chocolate is smooth and silky, the caramel gooey but not sticky, and the tiramisu flavor, which mostly takes the form of a whiff of espresso and cream as you roll the caramel on your tongue, is light and non-aggressive. DOVE’s whole thing is to throw four little chocolates on the side of a cup of coffee and luxuriously nibble on them over the course of an hour, and if that’s your thing, they are a success.

For me, I would have loved a little more caramel, a little less milk chocolate, and definitely more of the tiramisu flavor. And as a person who has no self-control when it comes to nibbling things – believe me, I tried, my body is not capable of restraint in this matter – it was a quick little treat that didn’t quite satisfy my cravings. Don’t get me wrong, I went back for seconds… And thirds… And fourths… But I would rather munch on a full bar of this than one DOVE at a time.

“Sorry not sorry,” as Demi Lovato would say. But despite my personal issues with pacing out eating, these are… Cool for the summer.

Smooth chocolate and gooey Tiramisu caramel make this a lovely treat; but it's small bite that needs a little more to it.. . DOVE Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel PROMISES. DOVE Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel PROMISES. B

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