OREO Dirt Cake and Tiramisu Thins review: Two decadent cookie delights

Both cookies are in stores everywhere, but we got an advance taste.
Oreo Dirt Cake and Oreo Tiramisu Thins - credit: Nabisco
Oreo Dirt Cake and Oreo Tiramisu Thins - credit: Nabisco /

Back on February 27, we told you about the OREO Dirt Cake and Tiramisu Thins cookies hitting stores today. Well, thanks to OREO, Guilty Eats got a chance to taste test both of the new riffs on classic desserts and guess what? They’re both decadent delights – though one is clearly better than the other.

Let’s start with the Dirt Cake OREOs, as of the two they’re the most exciting to look at. That’s because while you’ve got your basic chocolate cookie, and Dirt Cake flavor creme, they also have “gummy worm inspired sprinkles on top.”

For those of you who are not familiar with dirt cake, it’s a classic kids' dessert usually made with pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms. It’s supposed to look like worms crawling out of dirt, and it is a mess to eat (complimentary).

That’s all well and good, but what could gummy worm sprinkles be like? Would these cookies somehow reproduce the mix of textures omnipresent in every bite of dirt cake, oscillating between crunchy cookies, silky pudding, and gummy candy? Well… No. Turns out, this is an OREO cookie with some cute translucent, colored sprinkles on top. And that’s the biggest criticism I have of the cookie… The company did its best to get the gummy worms in there somehow, but these are not gummy sprinkles. They give a nice colorful shine to the cookie, but that’s it.

OREO Dirt Cake cookies - credit: Alex Zalben /

The main draw here is the Dirt Cake creme, and I’ll tell you what: it works. It tastes about halfway between the regular Oreo creme, and the Brownie creme they’ve used in a few of the limited-edition cookies so far. It’s a tasty OREO, and while it won’t change the game it is potentially a worthy addition to the regular rotation. At the very least, the creme excellently matches the flavor of dirt cake, which isn’t something I was expecting to be feasible at all.

And then there’s the Tiramisu Thins. I’ll admit two things up front: 1) tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts in the world, and 2) I’m not the hugest fan of the OREO Thins, and would rather go for the regular thickness cookie any day. For the former, you would think that would put me in the tank for these cookies, but not so. Instead, I was approaching these with trepidation. You mess up tiramisu, OREO, and you mess with my whole family. Okay sorry, that was a little extreme.

With that in mind: these were transcendent. I have never before had the experience you see in commercials telling you how much you deserve a break, where you just tune out for a moment and lightly munch on a cookie while staring into the middle distance. These cookies did that to me. From the whispery crunch of the chocolate cookie to the Tiramisu creme that magically tasted like tiramisu, I had to restrain myself from eating the entire container of cookies.

OREO Tiramisu Thins - credit: Alex Zalben /

The creme manages to capture all the aspects of tiramisu: mascarpone, cocoa, and a light taste of coffee. Perhaps of note, while I like a strong espresso flavor, these are very light on the coffee notes; which I didn’t mind. And my youngest, who does not like coffee flavor at all, was very into these. It’s a cookie for everyone!

So while the Dirt Cake OREOs are a good, solid OREO, the Tiramisu Thins are an enormous winner. They’re exactly the sort of cookie you could picture placing three or four on a plate, sipping a cup of tea, and imagining yourself in Italy. Luckily, the Tiramisu Thins are permanently joining the line, so no need to run out and buy a crate now.

…But you’re going to want to, anyway.

Dirt Cake OREOs and Tiramisu Thins are now available in stores nationwide.

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