Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut review: A refreshing taste, just in time for summer

The Zero Sugar is the winner here, but they're both good.
Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut
Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut /

Dr. Pepper isn’t for everyone. But for those who love the original taste of an ice-cold Dr. Pepper, many of their other flavor releases have only added to the allure of the popular brand, for those who like a little pep in their sodas. The latest? Dr. Pepper has released a Creamy Coconut flavor, both in regular and Zero Sugar.

Like all of the flavors in the Dr. Pepper catalog, this one won’t be for everyone, especially those who feel that Dr. Pepper just rubs them the wrong way. I’ve heard enough complaints, trust me; especially about the diet option, which in fact, is my favorite.

This brand-new beverage adds a 24th flavor to the classic Dr. Pepper formula. And like other varieties before it, it's a limited edition. So if you decide to take the plunge and are courageous enough, try to locate a can or twelve-pack (which they are available in—bottles as well) of this one as soon as you can.

You don’t want to miss out. I know what that feels like…waiting too long to try a product only to find out they’ve sold out or have stopped running a particular promotion. I can’t tell you how many times I missed the return of the McRib because of procrastination. Your mother was right when she told you not to procrastinate.

The product will be available only until the end of July, so make haste, dear readers, because I can tell you that this is definitely a winner. Now, I am biased. Dr. Pepper is one of my favorite sodas out there. When drinking Diet Dr. Pepper with a meal, it helps with my digestion (no medical proof there, just how I feel), and on its own, it offers a tremendous and refreshing taste that satisfies every time out. And this brand-new flavor is just as good.

The coconut isn’t at all dominant. It’s just right. Because let’s face it, sometimes anything with an added coconut flavor can be a bit too much. Sometimes, something with coconut in it ends up tasting like you ingested some hand cream or something, but not here. The coconut found within is perfect and only adds to the peppery taste of the original.

I tried a sip of the regular full-sugar and it was good, but full-sugar sodas are not for me. The sweetness takes away from the experience. On the other hand, the diet version is much better. You don’t get that artificial sweetener taste that overpowers a lot of other sodas like your garden variety lemon/lime diet sodas. Here, that artificial sweetener taste is masked by the coconut and creamy flavor. It feels like you're being naughty, all the while watching your sugar content.

So it’s definitely a win/win in my book and worth the money and the trip to the store to pick up a twelve-pack for sure. And hey, it’s arrived just in time for a summer bash in your backyard. Hot tip: Dr. Pepper goes oh-so-well with a wee bit of vodka (or white rum). I can tell you I’ve tried that as well, and nothing goes smoother over a bunch of crushed ice in a tall glass than a splash (or two) of vodka and the new Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut. You can thank me later.

The full-sugar was a little too sweet for our taste, but the Zero Sugar is a winner.. . Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut. Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut. B

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