Eggo Fully Loaded review: Packed with protein, not with flavor

Unfortunately these should be loaded back onto the Eggo truck.
Eggo Fully Loaded Waffles - credit: Eggo
Eggo Fully Loaded Waffles - credit: Eggo /

We’re big Eggo fans in my household. My younger kid eats a Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffle nearly every day (along with a sausage, which he folds into it like a taco). We always snag the latest Eggo flavor when it hits the supermarket. And though I’m always happy to whip up a fresh batch of pancakes, when it comes to waffles you can’t beat the convenience of popping an Eggo in the toaster, versus trying to figure out exactly where that waffle iron has gotten itself lost this time.

I say all this to couch what I’m about to say about the new Eggo Fully Loaded line of waffles: these are not great.

Eggo Fully Loaded currently comes in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Brownie; and Strawberry Delight. And the selling point here is that they are fully loaded with protein – specifically, 10 grams in every serving.

Once you get over your initial disappointment that these aren’t like Gushers but for waffles, the place my mind immediately went when I heard “fully loaded,” the flavors on the surface sound pretty good. Eggo says that the Chocolate Chip Brownie is “an indulgent morning treat, featuring a fudgy chocolate-filled batter and satisfying pockets of chocolate chips.” And the Strawberry Delight is “a berrylicious breakfast delight, bursting with flavor from the sweet and subtly tart taste of the strawberry-infused waffle batter.”

Neither of these pays off on that promise. They’re both lightly flavored, with the strawberry waffle having a slight advantage over the chocolate just in terms of having a whiff of berry flavor; versus the off-brand chocolate taste of the other one. I also could not taste or see any chocolate chips in the multiple waffles I had (for science), so that was missing as well.

The worst part, though, and I have to assume this is from the extra protein: these are gritty. Not like grains of sand gritty, but particularly the chocolate waffle has the same sort of omnipresent grit as a protein bar. Which is, to be frank, something I don’t expect nor want in a waffle.

While I appreciate that Eggo is providing folks with a quick and easy way of getting some protein in the morning, particularly as you can throw two Eggo waffles in the toaster, do other things, then come back… This is not it. I would much rather have non-Loaded Eggos and figure out another way of getting my daily protein than eat these limp, gritty waffles.

Maybe next go-around, they can repurpose the Fully Loaded name to go the opposite direction, and add a goosh of chocolate or strawberry in the middle? Just a suggestion.

C-. . . Full of protein, but not flavor, and with a gritty texture... These are a skip.. Eggo Fully Loaded

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Samples of the Eggo Fully Loaded Waffles were provided to Guilty Eats for review.