We tried the Nuka-Blast Burger Meal from Fallout: Is it radioactive or okie-dokie?

The limited edition meal is available from GrubHub only in New York and Los Angeles.
Nuka-Blast Burger Meal
Nuka-Blast Burger Meal /

Fallout is now on Prime Video worldwide, and fans of the video game series seem to be extremely pleased. Starring Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins, and coming from Jonathan Nolan, the not-so-strict adaptation is set in the same world as the games but follows its own story.

That story is stretching even further out into the real world, thanks to a partnership between GrubHub and Prime Video to celebrate the launch of the series with a Nuka-Blast Burger Meal, themed around the Nuke-Blast Café from the world of Fallout. And we here at Guilty Eats were lucky enough to try it, thanks to the good folks at GrubHub and Prime Video.

So what’s in a Nuka-Blast Burger Meal? Great question. It comes in a Happy Meal-style carton themed around the TV show, and inside is a Nuka-Blast Burger, a side of fries, and Nuka-Cola Victory SPECIAL RELEASE from Jones Soda. The burger comes with Calabrian chilis, fire-roasted jalapeño peppers, cayenne spices, and a dipping sauce made with ghost chili peppers, while the Jones soda is peach mango flavored.

But you’re probably wondering how it tastes. Is this some cash-in meal with a limp burger and lame fries? Is this meal deal radioactive, or per Purnell’s character in the premiere, will it make you say “Okie-dokie!”

The answer is very much the latter. I fully expected a slab of meat on bread without much spice, and this burger was very much the opposite. It was a sloppy monster of a burger slathered in sauce, cheese, and best of all radioactive green sweet onions that nicely counteracted the spice of the chilis. The one downside is that with several layers of toppings, the whole thing fell apart pretty quickly. But I was more than happy to go all Wasteland on it and grab loose pieces of burgers with my hands.

The fries were also solid, crisp, and big, and not shoestring at all. The rough cut is exactly the sort of thing you would expect from folks growing potatoes in the desert of what’s left of America. But mainly, they were a vehicle for the ghost chili pepper dipping sauce. While it didn’t carry a dangerous level of heat, it was nice and creamy, and after jamming all the fries into my mouth I found that I was sweating for several minutes afterward.

Unfortunately, unless you’re in New York or LA (or a member of the press) you’re not going to be able to get any of these items. However, you can snag a bottle or four of Jones Nuka Victory Cola. I’ll admit, I was hesitant as peach is one of my least favorite flavors. But this is a very good soda that perfectly melds the peach and mango, and is also the perfect counterpart to the spice of the rest of the meal. While you may not be able to get the Nuka-Burger, if you are making a spicy burger this summer, I highly recommend this soda as a pairing.

Look: I’ve had a lot of tie-in foods, and the quality varies wildly. This was definitely at the high end, and if you are lucky enough to snag a meal deal, whether you’re a Fallout fan or not, this is well worth the $12 + fees – particularly for the hefty burger. You can check out if it’s still available on GrubHub. And as they constantly discuss on the show and games, this meal gets a solid thumbs up.

A delicious Fallout tie-in meal with nice spice and a lot of flavor, only knocked down a grade by falling apart faster than America under nuclear attack.. . The Nuka-Blast Burger Meal. The Nuka-Blast Burger Meal. A-

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