Fan demand for rolled chicken tacos proves one thing to Taco Bell

Taco Bell fans love rolled chicken tacos, proving one thing to Taco Bell.
Taco Bell, off of North Hillman Street and Prosperity Avenue in Tulare County, California was one of
Taco Bell, off of North Hillman Street and Prosperity Avenue in Tulare County, California was one of / Lauren Jennings/Visalia Times-Delta /

Taco Bell has had some amazing limited-time items and the good thing is that they usually come back in some capacity. One such item is the rolled chicken tacos.

While the product was originally released in 2014, it has become a favorite limited-time item from the fast-food chain. Whether you’re someone who just tried them in 2023 or have been eating them for a decade, there is no denying how good they are.

If you haven't tried them, the rolled chicken tacos are essentially Taco Bell’s version of a taquito. Made using a fried white corn tortilla, it is then filled with shredded chicken. They come in 2-packs, 4-packs, and even, a party pack option. Each pack also included your choice of sauces.

While Taco Bell brought them back in 2023, it’s unclear when they’re coming back in 2024 but given all the love for the RCT Taco Bell needs to bring back its shredded chicken.

The love for rolled chicken tacos proves a huge weakness for Taco Bell.

If there’s one thing Taco Bell should take away from the continued demand for rolled chicken tacos, it’s that the chain needs to bring back its shredded chicken. From my own personal experience, my local Taco Bell ran out of rolled chicken tacos twice so it’s clear fans are wanting something a bit different.

The thing that gets forgotten about Taco Bell’s shredded chicken is just how many items left the menu due to it being pulled or which items were downgraded. One of my favorite forgotten items was the shredded chicken mini-quesadilla which just featured shredded chicken, chipotle sauce and cheese in a pressed tortilla. There was also the shredded chicken tacos, the shredded chicken burrito, and the ability to add shredded chicken as your desired protein.

Aside from the loss of those items, there are plenty of items that would work better with shredded chicken. The quesadilla is a huge one along with any of the Taco Bell power bowls, the new 3 Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt, and even, just plain tacos with shredded chicken subbed in for ground beef.

Another thing the rolled chicken tacos prove is just how portable and easy Taco Bell can be. On the whole, the chain is known for its messier items but just having something you can dip and eat makes it a great driving food. Plus no one likes a cold rolled chicken taco so why would you want to wait? By the time you get home, Taco Bell could have already pulled them off the menu for the year.

Joking aside, the continued love and support for rolled chicken tacos should be the ultimate wake up call for Taco Bell. If fans are demanding them at this volume, then it’s clear the brand isn’t giving them something they’re craving. Hopefully all of the love for rolled chicken tacos doesn’t prove fruitless to the Taco Bell execs.

While we don't know when Taco Bell will be bringing back rolled chicken tacos or its shredded chicken, hopefully, the upcoming Live Mas Live will answer those questions. Until then, we'll have to keep making our own take on Taco Bell's shredded chicken at home or purchasing a box of Delimex Taquitos for a similar taste.

Do you love Taco Bell's rolled chicken tacos? Would you like to see shredded chicken return to the menu? Be sure to let us know all your spicy Taco Bell opinions!

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