Want to get married at Taco Bell? It's possible in Las Vegas.

Summer is wedding season, even at Taco Bell.
Reese's Book Club and Taco Bell Event
Reese's Book Club and Taco Bell Event / Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Most people consider summer wedding season and rightfully so. There is something so great about a summer wedding, but what about a Taco Bell wedding?

Yes, you read that right. You can get married at a Taco Bell. Of course, we're not just talking about your local Taco Bell but according to the brand's website, that's up to your local TB's manager. Instead, Taco Bell offers something completely different yet still a showcase of your love for each other and the fast-food chain.

Located at the Las Vegas Cantina Taco Bell, there is an entire area where you can get married to your favorite person. The chapel area is located on the second floor of this special flagship Taco Bell location and surprisingly, offers a lot to those who want to showcase their love at a special Taco Bell.

While it might not be your cup of Baja Blast, it's clear that a lot of people see the appeal. Taco Bell even shared some stories of couples who exchanged their vows at Taco Bell and honestly, it's incredibly sweet.

What comes with a Taco Bell wedding package?

If you're like me, you're probably asking two big questions which are how much it costs and what exactly comes with your Taco Bell wedding package. If you're looking to get married, then it will set you back $777.00, not including tax. Frankly, that's probably how much some brides are paying for a dress and honestly, I thought Taco Bell would charge a little bit more.

For those curious about what comes with each wedding package, you might be surprised. If you purchase a Taco Bell wedding package, it gets you access to the chapel for 30 minutes which includes both your wedding and your reception. As for food, TB does give you a Taco Party Pack and your very own Cinnabon Wedding Cake. I am honestly curious to see just what a Cinnabon Wedding Cake is.

Each couple also receives a set of "Just Married" t-shirts, champagne flutes, and lastly, a sauce packet garter and bowtie. Taco Bell will also provide a sauce packet bouquet for the bride which does have to be returned sadly. If the pictures and stories shared of couples show us anything, these Taco Bell weddings are a lot of fun and perfect for those who met at Taco Bell, have a mutual love for the chain, or just want to showcase their love for each other and TB at the same time.

The final thing I want to note is that if you do book a Taco Bell wedding, you have a limit of 25 guests which for some can be challenging. However, as evidenced by the photos shared on Taco Bell's wedding blog, couples are having a great time, getting married at this special Taco Bell location.

Would you ever consider a Taco Bell wedding? Let us know, Guilty Eaters!

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