Will Taco Bell bring back the Taco Lover's Pass in 2024?

Could Taco Bell bring back a beloved item for fans this year?
Photo: Taco Bell for National Taco Day, photo courtesy Taco Bell
Photo: Taco Bell for National Taco Day, photo courtesy Taco Bell /

As a company, Taco Bell was always known for having cheap eats. While the sentiment doesn't ring as true in 2024, the brand still has the classic tacos we've come to know and love.

Given how much people love the tacos at Taco Bell, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Taco Lover's Pass exists. While it started in 2022, the chain brought it back in 2023 and now that we're into 2024, inquiring minds want to know. I am inquring minds.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Taco Lover's Pass is a pass that people were able to buy in honor of National Taco Day in 2023. You buy the pass for $10.00 and then the rewards are added to your Taco Bell app. Unsurprisingly, this is only for Taco Bell Rewards Members which you should be anyway as there are plenty of free items to earn.

From there, you get a free taco per day from Taco Bell. Considering that you're basically getting 20 free tacos, this was a smart move for those who live close to a Taco Bell or just enjoy the tacos at the restaurant.

Will the Taco Lover's Pass come back in 2024?

Given the sheer amount of options, there are, you're truly getting a lot of bang for your buck. With the Taco Lover's Pass, you had multiple choices of tacos to get. There is the classic Crunchy Taco, the Crunchy Taco Supreme, the Soft Taco, the Soft Taco Supreme, the Spicy Potato Taco, the Doritos Locos Taco, and the Doritos Locos Taco Supreme. Additionally, Taco Bell even offered a promo at breakfast for your choice of Toasted Breakfast Tacos.

Even if you're only using this a few times a week, the price of the individual items is going to add up and it'll be way over $30.00. With that being said, I do think we have a good chance of Taco Bell bringing back the Taco Lover's Pass in 2024. Since it returned again last year, it seems like they know their customer base enough and they know that fans are looking forward to saving some money with the cost of everything.

Additionally, I think Taco Bell has the chance to branch out even more by possibly adding the Double Stacked Taco to the lineup or even, the Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco. TB has added so many new items and it seems like they're pushing for innovation and we can't fault them for that. If anything, those new items should be even more reason for the Taco Lover's Pass to return.

Whether you're looking for a way to save a few bucks or just love Taco Bell as much as we do, then the Taco Lover's Pass is a great investment. Until it gets close to National Taco Day again, we'll see if Taco Bell decides to bring it back. Since it returned in 2023 though, I have high hopes that Taco Bell will do the right thing and give us the Taco Lover's Pass again.

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