Halo Top adds new flavors and incentives for sticking to your New Year's goals

If you enjoy Halo Top, you have a chance to become a Halo Top Athlete to start 2024.
 Halo Top Pays Fans to stick to their resolutions + New Flavors for the New Year. Image Credit to Halo Top.
Halo Top Pays Fans to stick to their resolutions + New Flavors for the New Year. Image Credit to Halo Top. /

It's all about the new year, new me. A lot of people come up with some great New Year's resolutions and give up but Halo Top is making things sweeter.

Of course, Halo Top is already known for its plethora of tasty ice cream flavors but the brand is helping you stick to your goals, too. In 2024, the company is searching for some Halo Top Athletes and it might be the motivation you need.

If you head to the website, you're able to apply by sharing your 2024 wellness goals. Applications will be open until January 20th and the roster will be announced on February 20th. In addition, each athlete will get an endorsement deal with Halo Top which includes $5,000, some cute swag, some one-on-one coaching sessions, a talent manager and lastly, plenty of Halo Top ice cream.

Whether you're on a fitness journey or have some lofty health goals for 2024, you can head to the website for a chance to become a Halo Top Athlete in 2024.

Halo Top is adding two new flavors in 2024.

If you're not looking to be a Halo Top Athlete, no worries as we have some great news for those who just love Halo Top. The brand is adding two more ice cream flavors to kick off 2024. I don't know about you but that's something to get excited about.

The two new flavors are Chocolate Vanilla Twist, a fan-favorite upon its LTO release, and Caramel Cheesecake. This is a light cheesecake ice cream along with caramel swirls. I don't know about you but I feel like cheesecake is such an underrated ice cream flavor so I'm happy to see that Halo Top is adding it for 2024.

It feels like Halo Top is setting itself up for success this year with these two major items happening in January. There is something inherently sweet about the brand embracing this New Year's tradition while also including ice cream in the mix. Usually, those things don't tend to mix but Halo Top is changing the game and that's something to be excited about.

Will you be trying out these new flavors of Halo Top? If not, are you going to apply to be a Halo Top Athlete? Let us know in the comments!

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