Hardee’s invites you to slam dunk some free chicken tenders into your mouth

I think this is NBA Finals themed? Maybe?
Hardee's Chicken Tenders - credit: Hardee's
Hardee's Chicken Tenders - credit: Hardee's /

If you’re a fan of basketball, then you know that the NBA Finals are happening right now. Not literally right now, but in general, around this time of year. And totally coincidentally, Hardee’s is celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship by giving away free chicken tenders today, and two more days in June.

“Even in the midst of fierce competition, goodness and camaraderie exist – and that’s worth celebrating,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Tate via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Hardee’s is the home of ‘Goodness in the Making,’ and we aim to celebrate that goodness through our quality menu items and connection with guests, but we know it extends beyond our restaurant walls. No matter the final score, we hope this combo of value and flavor is a win for our guests.”

So, here’s where I, personally, get a little confused. The first game of the NBA Finals was yesterday, June 6. The next games are on June 9, June 12, and June 14. If the finals continue, they’ll go to June 17, 20 and potentially 23. Legally speaking, I believe brands like Hardee’s (or Chipotle, which is offering free burritos in a similar manner) aren’t allowed to use the NBA Finals in their marketing unless they’re actually connected to the event. So like how folks not advertising in the Super Bowl say “the big game,” here they say things like “in the spirit of sportsmanship” or whatever.

The thing that confuses this theory is that Hardee’s is giving away free 3-piece hand-breaded chicken tenders to their My Rewards members on June 7, 13, and 18, aka the day after each of three of these games.

So while the chain is offering a game-time experience, it’s a little more like “consoling yourself with chicken tendies if your team loses.”

Regardless, I’m not going to turn down free chicken tenders. So while this might not be a slam dunk in my brain, it’s definitely a three-pointer.

Look, I may not know sports, but I do know chicken tenders, leave me alone. The Hardee’s deal is available while supplies last.

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