Jack in the Box announces a menu makeover

Word has broken that Jack in the Box is giving their food lineup a bit of a makeover with a slew of new and returning menu items.

Pueblo police cordon off a scene at the US Highway 50 Jack in the Box location where an employee was
Pueblo police cordon off a scene at the US Highway 50 Jack in the Box location where an employee was / Chieftain Photo/Zachary Allen / USA

When it comes to fast food chains, a lot of name recognition depends on where you live. While places like McDonald's and Burger King are nationwide, many are more regional, such as In-N-Out Burger and the chain we're here to talk about today, Jack in the Box

Odds are that unless you live on the West Coast or visit there regularly, you might have never experienced eating at a Jack in the Box. While they have made efforts to expand and become a nationwide presence, those plans have unfortunately yielded so-so results. 

That all being said, if you are lucky enough to live near a Jack in the Box location you might not recognize the menu the next time you go through the drive-thru. They have announced a shakeup to their offerings that includes both new items and returning favorites. 

The new Jack in the Box menu will be rolled out over the course of 2024 and 2025. 

Now it should be noted that some of these items are currently still in the testing phase but there is every indication that they are on their way to a Jack in the Box near you sometime soon. And a handful of items are now available so you won't have to wait.

So what can you expect? Here's the rundown (via Foodbeast) of what's coming, when you can expect to see it and more importantly, eat it. 

Jack's Garlic Parmesan Wings (Early summer 2024)

Jack's Buffalo Wings (Early summer 2024)

Pineapple Express Shake (Spring 2024)

Spicy Crispy Jack Wrap (Available now)

Birria Grilled Cheese (Testing in the Texas area now for later this year)

Chicken Tater Melt (Summer 2024)

Churro Creamaccino (2025)

That is a whole lot of new stuff to try. 

So why the big changes? That we don't know, but it has become common practice in the world of fast food to change things up much more frequently than in the past. Especially since the pandemic upended everyone's eating habits. 

So if you have a Jack in the Box near you, get ready for some new taste experiences as well as some returning favorites. And hopefully the rest of us will get a chance to try some of these sooner rather than later. 

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