KFC launches brand new value menu, including a bucket list-worthy $10 Tuesdays

Meals for one, two, a whole family… Okay, just one, probably.
Taste of KFC Deals Value Menu
Taste of KFC Deals Value Menu /

With the solar eclipse safely in the rearview mirror – though if it literally is in your rearview mirror, do not look at it – it’s time to think ahead to what you’re going to be eating later tonight, and tomorrow. If so, KFC has some incredible news for you: they’ve just launched a brand-new value meal with meal deals starting as low as $4.99.

“Our fried chicken is hand-breaded in the famous Original Recipe of 11 herbs & spices and fried fresh by our cooks and served hot, ” said Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “We created a value menu that actually has value. The new Taste of KFC Deals menu proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality or taste to save on food spending.”

With money tight and chickens a plenty, KFC is going whole hog (mixed metaphor, sorry) with this new Taste of KFC Deals menu. Here’s how it all breaks down, per the chain:

  • $4.99 Meal for One: Two pieces of hot, juicy chicken (drum and thigh), creamy mashed potatoes and gravy and an extra buttery biscuit for just $4.99.*  (available daily)
  • Meal for Two: Four pieces of chicken (drum, thigh, breast, wing) with mashed potatoes and gravy and two extra buttery biscuits. (available daily)
  • $20 Family Meal: Six pieces of mouthwatering chicken on the bone (2 drums, 2 thighs, 1 breast, 1 wing), four individual sides of your choice, and four extra buttery biscuits. Side choices include Secret Recipe Fries, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes (with or without gravy), coleslaw and sweet corn.  (available daily)
  • $10 Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, fried chicken fans can get a bucket full of eight pieces of hot and juicy drums and thighs at KFC for just ten bucks.

Honestly, this is a pretty good deal. $4.99 isn’t bad for a dinner for one, and though they don’t know the price point for the Meal for Two, let’s assume it’s around $10? Which is also pretty good.

But the deal that seems bucket list-worthy to me (you get the joke) is the $10 Tuesdays. An eight-piece bucket of KFC for only $10 is very good. A cursory glance at my local KFC shows that normally a bucket that size costs $21.99, so this is more than 50% off for a bucket of chicken that will feed you for upwards of 5-10 minutes. I mean, several days. Do not eat an entire bucket of chicken in 5-10 minutes, you will choke.

The new KFC value menu is available now, in-store, in the app, or online.

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