KFC brings back the Twister for the first time since 2014 - but in only one city

You’re gonna have to get yourself to Nashville for this one.
KFC Twister
KFC Twister /

The KFC Twister is a beloved menu item from the chicken chain. Look no further than a Change.org petition from 2019 that amassed several thousand signatures asking KFC to bring the Twister back home to the good ol’ US of A. And now, KFC is honoring that demand by returning the Twister to stores… But only in Nashville.

In case you’re not familiar, the Twister is essentially an open-ended wrap. The new version being tested out in Tennessee is a “new and improved” version, per PR provided to Guilty Eats. It comes in Classic and Spicy varieties and features two Original Recipe Tenders, lettuce, tomatoes, and KFC’s pepper mayo sauce or spicy sauce. Once that’s all packed inside, it’s sealed in a toasted tortilla for $5.99, or as a combo with a side and a medium drink for $9.99.

The last time we saw the KFC Twister on these hallowed shores was in 2014… But that doesn’t mean the whole world has been bereft. Other than Nashville, KFC customers in Canada, the U.K., and South Africa have been able to enjoy the Twister whenever they want. Which, as America is the place where both the classic movie Twister and the upcoming sequel Twisters are set, seems like a bit of an insult. Twisters comes out in theaters July 19, 2024, KFC. There’s still time to make this thing go nationwide.

As KFC notes, this isn’t the first wrap-based dish they’ve tried out this year. The appropriately named KFC Wraps also came out for a limited time earlier in 2024, featuring a Spicy Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap, Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap, and Classic Chicken Wrap.

Don’t worry, I’m setting up a Change.org petition to get those back as we speak.

If you’re in Nashville, head to your local KFC now to try out the Twister, as it’s only available for a limited time.

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