Krystal is feeding customers' cravings for deals with a highly affordable value menu

The Southern sliders chain is leaning into all-day deals.
Krystal Kravings Menu
Krystal Kravings Menu /

Let us be crystal clear about this: Krystal, the square slider chain from the South, will not be undercut on their deals. That’s why they’re launching an extremely affordable meal deal for $4.99, as well as a new Under $3 value menu.

“Our commitment to value transcends every moment of the day. From the wallet-friendly $4.99 selections to our Pick 5 options and now our Krystal Kravings menu,” said Kaitlin Stoehr, Senior Director of Marketing for Krystal Restaurants LLC, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Our iconic menu offers unbeatable value, and our guests can count on a satisfying experience in the morning, noon, evening, and late night.”  

Look, let’s put this all on the table here. White Castle, another square slider chain, has just launched a promotion tying into the movie Harold & Kumar pushing the fact that they’re open late at night. Meanwhile, Krystal is like “Not so fast, White Castle, we’re also open many, many hours.” And while White Castle is pushing their $20 Crave Box, Krystal launching a Kravings menu at a fraction of that price is certainly, as they say, shots fired.

All beef-starting aside (pun definitely intended), here’s what you can get for the money: starting today, for a limited time, the Meal Deal is $4.99, there’s a 2 for $4.99 breakfast deal, and there’s a Krystal Kravings Under $3 menu which includes sliders, fries, tots, a soft drink, several varieties of Pups, and an Apple Turnover.

The Pups, in case you couldn’t figure it out, are adorable tiny little hot dogs in buns. I love them and if I wasn’t already married, I would marry them.

Here’s a little more on the $4.99 deals, per the release from Krystal:

“Start the morning right with the 2-for $4.99 breakfast deal offering guests a choice of two select breakfast sandwiches to satisfy every morning craving. From the classic Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit to the savory Sunriser and comforting Gravy Biscuit, Krystal’s breakfast menu caters to diverse tastes at an unbeatable price point. The Krystal Meal Deal provides exceptional value at $4.99, featuring 2 Original Krystals, a small fry and a small drink.”

You can get the value orders in-store, online, or in the app.

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