KFC's Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning is now in ICEE form, but only in Kentucky

KFC is chilling down your fave MTN Dew flavor in select locations only.
KFC x MTN DEW x ICEE - credit: KFC
KFC x MTN DEW x ICEE - credit: KFC /

Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning is a highly coveted flavor of the beloved soda – mainly because it’s only available at KFC locations. But what if the soda got even more exclusive? Well, guess what… It has, because now at select locations in Kentucky, you can get Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning in ICEE form.

Per PR provided to Guilty Eats from Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Sweet Lighting is a blend of “sweet peach and smooth honey.” Which sounds delicious, and perfect for summer. But what’s even more perfect for summer? A frozen beverage, and that’s where the ICEE version comes in. It’ll only be available at select KFC locations in Central Kentucky, and Lexington – and that’s it. If you’re not in Kentucky, you’ll have to crunch the ice in your teeth as usual to get that ICEE sensation.

Not only is Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning ICEE coming to Kentucky stores only, but those lucky rascals are also getting two other additions to the ICEE drink menu. The first is Blackberry Lemonade, which is exactly what it sounds like: a lemonade ICEE, with “tangy” blackberry flavoring. In addition, for the first time ever, the iconic Blue Raspberry ICEE will also be available at KFC – following up on it also being available as a Funko Pop, though those are two unrelated events.

If you do happen to be in Lexington or Central Kentucky and are curious to check out one of these ICEES, the KFC locations will be throwing a Happy Hour every day from now through Sunday, July 7, 2024, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time. During that three-hour Happy Hour (we really need to talk about the definition of “happy hour” as a nation), you can snag an ICEE, including the Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning ICEE, for only $1.99.

Hey, that deep discount will offset the costs I’ll incur from traveling down from New York to eat at a Kentucky KFC! Probably. I’m not good at math.

The new ICEE drinks are available now, through August.

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