New Crispy Tender Wraps arrive at Sonic

Sonic is jumping into the chicken snack wrap game with their new Crispy Tender Wraps, which you can buy now and enjoy for just $1.99.

Sonic Drive-In exterior - credit: Sonic
Sonic Drive-In exterior - credit: Sonic /

It would appear that the chicken snack wrap is having a moment in the world of fast food. It seems like everyone and their brother is introducing some version of the classic menu item, including Sonic Drive-In.

If you live in the Eastern part of the United States, then you are no doubt aware that Wawa has recently introduced a new chicken snack wrap. In addition, McDonald's recently announced that they would be bringing back their popular Snack Wraps, but not until 2025 and KFC has expended their snack wrap offerings. 

So who can blame Sonic for deciding to grab the metaphorical bull by the horns and announce that they too are adding a snack wrap to their menu. The result is the brand new Crispy Tender Wrap that was recently introduced nationwide. 

The Crispy Tender Wrap is only available at Sonic for a limited time.

The new Crispy Tender Wrap is available in two varieties. 

The Hickory BBQ Crispy Tender Wrap includes an all-white meat chicken tender that has been covered with hickory BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce and then all wraped up in na warm tortilla. 

The Cheesy Baja Crispy Tender Wrap includes the same all-white meat chicken tender but adds a zesty cheese sauce to the shredded cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce before cocooning it all in a warm tortilla. 

Both versions will only set you back $1.99, which is a steal in today's fast food landscape. I mean, Wendy's would probably charge between $3 and $25, depending on what time of day you went there. 

Both Crispy Tender Wraps flavors are now available at Sonic Drive-In locations nationwide but only for a limited time. So get one (or six) while you can. 

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