Old El Paso Fiesta Twists review: Crunchy, addictive, salty AND sweet

Salsa Verde is a worthy addition to the lineup.
Old El Paso Fiesta Twists
Old El Paso Fiesta Twists /

Let’s get this out of the way up front: Old El Paso’s Fiesta Twists, a line of crunchy snacks from the brand most associated with taco and enchilada meal kits, have been around for a few years now. The line launched in 2022 with three flavors: Queso, Zesty Ranch, and Cinnamon Churro. Recently, they added a fourth flavor, Salsa Verde, which is now available in stores everywhere.

However… I was entirely unaware these existed until I walked into my local 7-Eleven store the other day to grab a Slurpee, and was surprised to see an array of twisty snacks that were not cans of refried beans or taco sauce. So of course I bought all four, definitely wary of the idea of Old El Paso venturing outside their comfort zone.

I needn’t have worried. The snacks are crunchy, addictive and well-flavored. If you’ve ever had the Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists, these are the same idea texture-wise – and both are clearly inspired by Churros. However, as everyone in my family said after trying the Old El Paso Twists, they’re like the Taco Bell Twists… But better.

First and foremost, I want to say I appreciate a line of snacks that is both salty and sweet. I was initially confused by having the Cinnamon Churro flavor alongside spicy and salty flavors. But it really works. It might not be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. But the variation helps break things up nicely, and now I’m wishing we would get sweet Doritos down the line or something.

That said, while the Cinnamon Churro is what you’d expect from this sort of snack, I preferred the salty/spicy version mainly because it shook things up a bit. The new Salsa Verde is very solid, lightly spicy, and while it might not be the level of a mouth-watering tomatillo sauce, is still snackable.

The Queso was also solid… If you’re looking for Cheez Doodles or Cheetos-level cheese here, turn away; these are mostly puffed air with a sprinkling of cheese on them. But as my fingers were not caked in cheese powder after eating, that is potentially a plus. Or if licking your fingers after eating a cheese snack is your happy place, a minus.

However, the one bag I kept returning to was Zesty Ranch. The taste is like a lighter version of Cool Ranch Doritos. It’s got a little tang. It’s got a little cream. I inhaled the whole bag.

A word of warning though. The puffed corn twists don’t exactly melt in your mouth. They’ve got a satisfying crunch, but are definitely the sorts of snacks that, even with a relatively miniscule bag, will tear up your palette slightly by the end. It’s not the end of the world, and frankly, the flavor of the snack is possibly worth it. But just so you know, you’re not getting out of these without a little damage.

Overall? I’m a fan. Good on Old El Paso for stretching out a bit, and I would happily buy more of these. In fact, I think I’ll go pick up a bag of the Zesty Ranch, right now.

Old El Paso Fiesta Twists. Old El Paso Fiesta Twists. B+. A solid snack extension for Old El Paso that laudably embraces both salty and sweet..

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