Papa John’s loves you: Heart Shaped Pizza is back, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Give your beloved what they want this Valentine's Day: a one-topping thin-crust pizza for $11.99.
Papa John's Heart Shaped Pizza
Papa John's Heart Shaped Pizza /

Picture this: you and your loved one are cozied up in front of the fire this Valentine’s Day. You turn to your SO (significant other), get down on one knee, and… Open up a box of Papa John’s pizza to show off the Heart Shaped Pizza you bought. Safe to say, that’s exactly what your SO would expect, and what they’d love.

And good news, Papa John’s is indeed bringing back their Heart Shaped Pizza, just in time for the most romantic holiday of the year, per a little love note slipped to Guilty Eats by a rep from Papa John’s.

Here’s the official blurb for the ‘za:

“Papa Johns is bringing back its be-LOVED Heart Shaped Pizza just in time to celebrate with your significant other, closest friends, or even solo!”

You can’t get it quite yet. But the Heart Shaped Pizza will be available starting Monday, February 5 in all US locations, all the way through Wednesday, February 14, 2024. AKA, Valentine’s Day. And then it's bye-bye to love until next year.

Additionally, don’t expect to say "I love you" with a garlic-stuffed crust or anything. The Heart Shaped Pizza is a one-topping thin crust, just like how there’s only one love in your life, and they’re… Thin and crusty? Ran out of steam there at the end, but you can workshop it over the next few weeks.

The pizza will retail for $11.99, which is about on par with how much it cost way back in 2019 when we previously reported on the novelty pizza. And heart-shaped pizzas have been all the rage lately, with Pizza Hut also getting into the action, as well as many of your beloved local joints.

So this Valentine’s Day, give him or her what they want: a Heart Shaped Pizza. They’re sure to say, “I do… Love pizza.” Probably won’t agree to marry you, though, mostly because wrapping pizza around someone’s finger is hot and gross. Don’t do that.

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